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You’ll notice that we depart a bit from our usual content in this month’s issue. The MCM team got to talking about how August is such an exciting time of year in Flint – events will take place that attract people from all around the world! For that reason, we decided to create an “Insider’s Guide” to highlight many of the features, eateries and attractions in the Greater Flint area.

This guide was not meant to be an all-inclusive list; most of us are accustomed to using modern technology to easily find places of interest in any city we visit. Our goal was to compile a thoughtful collection of lists and information and present it in an attractive way, in keeping with the quality and visual appeal of our regular monthly issues. Because of our vast Greater Flint readership and the people we reach in other parts of the country, we feel that this issue will be one that is not only enjoyable but also retains value. As usual, it will be available in many area hotels and motels, as well as at Flint’s Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

It’s always fun to have out-of-town guests who don’t know about all the “cool” things to do in Flint. MCM talked with local insiders and CK105FM “Flint Fave” morning radio personalities, Mike MacDonald and Stephanie K., about their must-do lists. For me, it’s all about the lakes in the summer, and Mt. Holly is still a great place to hit the slopes in the winter. As a car enthusiast, athlete, art lover and foodie, I’m never at loss for places and things to show people visiting Flint at any time of the year and I love it when they’re surprised by my must-do list. What’s on yours?

Flint is so many things – rich in culture and history, rich in hidden gems, home to a long list of enduring landmarks and even some brand new places to experience. Throughout this issue, you’ll find interesting info about things unique to Flint (and slightly beyond); some things you probably didn’t know. You’ll also find a few of the customary inspirational and enjoyable pieces you’ve come to look for in our publication each month.

I hope you enjoy this special “Insider’s Guide” issue and share it with your friends and family who may be unfamiliar with Flint. It’s a great place to be – especially in August with the Crim, Back to the Bricks … get out there and make it a great month!
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vince3 Vince Lorraine, Publisher & Editor in Chief



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