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“Biscuit,” aka “Biskie”

Owner: Paula Martz, Flint

This energetic, 2.5-year-old Yorkie-poodle mix loves to run, play fetch, “attack” his brother (littermate, Jammi), but mostly loves to cuddle and give kisses. He has clothes and accessories for every season and all holidays, and loves (sort of) to dress up and pose for Facebook photos. Biscuit has more toys than the beach has sand, but “Bear”(missing all four limbs and its nose) is his favorite by far – he even sleeps with it. He also loves to go to the family’s cabin where he got his first (unexpected) swimming lesson last summer, when both Biscuit and Jammi fell into the lake. Both of “The Boys” would love to one day be therapy dogs.


Photography by Jennifer Hodney


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