#FlintFwdAuthentic Resilience


You may have seen this video circling around the Internet in the past several weeks. The positive mastermind behind it is Jocelyn Hagerman, President of Skypoint Ventures, but also the founder of the recent #FlintFwd campaign.

“A bunch of people put that video together,” says Hagerman. “I met with several residents and asked them what they wanted to tell the rest of the world about Flint.” The whole point of this was to establish a group testimony. “The script completely nailed it,” Hagerman adds. “It is very authentic and powerful.”

Hagerman talked to wide variety of people – residents, people from universities, and local businesses. “It really just took off from there,” she says.

This campaign is not politically driven; it is simply highlighting that the community is coming together and staying strong. “We’re not here to point fingers,” Hagerman explains.

#FlintFwd unfolded in two parts: one, the initial crisis and the response that was showing people helping people; and two, businesses and organizations like the Flint Farmers’ Market and the Cultural Center participating in the campaign – it’s part of Flint’s comeback story. “I think everybody wants that,” Hagerman shares.

“[This campaign] is to show others to invest in the lives that are already in Flint,” Hagerman adds. “People come to Flint, and they see so much energy and resilience and that draws people in to start a business or their lives here. I think people like being part of something exciting and growing.”

“I hope this drives people to find hope in each other and hope in the future of Flint,” Hagerman says.

You can read residents’ testimonies on the #FlintFwd website, and you can also find out different places to volunteer or donate money to their efforts. Be sure to share your encouraging story and follow them on their Twitter account.

Photos provided by Jocelyn Hagerman


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