Finding Your Style


My personal interior design style is inspired by many factors. I gravitate toward peaceful art with soft colors, textures of fringe, warm leathers, mixing patterns and warm woods against airy backgrounds. If possible, I also love to make the interior space complement the home’s exterior style, its age and setting. I like the choices inside to reflect the overall character of the home. For example, you would feel surprised and confused if you walked into a cute bungalow that had charming details on the outside and modern, simplistic or sleek finishes on the inside. I would want to bring that outside feeling indoors.

When it comes to finding a client’s style, there are ways in which I can incorporate touches of their taste to blend with the character of the home. I do that by asking them for pictures that represent any inspiration they may have. We will then discuss what they do and do not like about the spaces in their home they want to change. I’m usually surprised that what stands out to them in a picture of inspiration is not what I thought they were going to say. It can be as obvious as an overall living room layout, or as specific as just the pillows on the sofa. It’s important to know exactly what stands out to them. Through this process of communication, I can learn what types of finishes are going to make my client feel the most at home.


Just remember: design isn’t meant to be one-size-fits-all


There are several ways that decor elements can express personal style. Some of my favorites include lighting, rugs, pillows and artwork. Just one of these elements can change the feeling of a space, but when you personalize each one, you create a powerful feeling for someone when they walk into the room. Those feelings might be inspiration, relaxation, happiness or relief. It’s helpful to find out how they want to feel in that space, and what types of textures and elements make them feel that way.

If I could help someone with the often overwhelming task of finishing and personalizing their space, I would tell them to find the thing that inspires the rest of the room décor. Usually, that is a piece that represents their individual style or personality. Whether that is a rug with the perfect pattern and colors, or a piece of art that inspires creativity, it can begin to push them in a direction for choosing other finishes for the room.

If you don’t start with something special, you can burn out before you really get going. Just remember: design isn’t meant to be one-size-fits-all. There are many, many ways to express your style in a space and it doesn’t have to be something from a recent show on HGTV. Don’t get too caught up on whether it’s classic or trendy; think more about whether or not you love it! And if you love it, find a way to make it work.


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