Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club



If your garden has you frustrated, maybe it’s time to enjoy the outdoors away from home. Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club was chartered in 1953, and includes more than 70 acres of wilds to enjoy—no maintenance required! “Our woodlands and wetlands offer an inviting area where you can relax or challenge yourself,” said Jeff Lane, Vice President of the club. “We offer a broad range of sporting activities, including training in archery and firearms such as pistols, rifles and shotguns. Our members love that they have access to our indoor range 24/7!” The Sportsman’s Club is a great place for recreation the whole family can enjoy, with events such as pancake breakfasts and family fun days, as well as challenging events for sportsmen and junior sportsmen. “Most of our events and leagues are open to the public,” said Jeff, “and we are currently accepting applications for family memberships. Join us today to get in touch with the outdoorsman in you!”


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