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Wedding flowers are a timeless tradition … and they can also hold many opportunities for trends. And although flower availability can be limited during certain seasons, that doesn’t have to limit a bride’s options for expressing her personality.

“Each wedding season presents a different challenge, and they all include weather!” says Vogt’s Flowers owner, Kal Krueger. “Different flower types are cheaper and more readily available during certain times of the year.” For example, peonies are a very popular wedding flower that are harder to get in the fall and winter months, but there are always other blossom types that can accomplish the same look and mood. Peonies are also very expensive and not always in season. In this case, if a bride has her heart set on peonies, Vogt’s recommends using a David Austin Garden Rose, which are beautiful and can achieve the same look without the availability issues.

Flowers that are always in season are lilies, gerbera daisies and carnations. “It is important to remember that dates around the holidays can be harder to accommodate and celebrations like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day can drive up flower prices!” Kal adds.

By letting your florist know the colors and styles that you’re interested in, they can try to work within your budget. This is something that social media can actually help.

When a bride is able to share images she’s saved on her wedding Pinterest page, it allows florists to very quickly observe and understand what styles she likes. “It’s not a stretch to link Pinterest to the magazine clipping of decades past, but the Internet has made the floral idea pool virtually infinite,” says Val. It is also helpful if a bride is prepared with the bridesmaids’ dress colors, so that the florist can assist with other details.

Popular flower colors are pinks and peaches. “These colors are not overbearing and can be used to achieve the unique textures that brides are looking for in their arrangements and bouquets,” says Kal. “The soft pinks and peaches allow the bridal party colors to pop while giving a modern feel to a traditional look.” Hand-tied bouquets are a favorite style among most brides. Rather than focus on a single flower type, brides have been more interested in the texture and uniqueness of their bouquets.

vogtflowers-5In addition to flowers, a bride could incorporate non-floral pieces into the bouquets or centerpieces: greenery (like baby’s breath), driftwood, flowers made from old book pages or sheet music – which can look very elegant, and it can also help stretch your budget! “Tight budget does not have to mean ‘no’ or ‘not many’ flowers – be open-minded on varieties,” Kal says.


Questions to Ask Your Florist

  • Can you recommend specific flowers that will fit best with the venue and my style?
  • How many weddings are you handling on the same day or weekend as mine?
  • Could I see photos of arrangements and bouquets you have made?

Tips & Tricks

  • Arrangements that decorated the ceremony can be re-used at the reception venue on the cake table, bar or bridal party table.
  • Make sure your centerpieces aren’t too big; your guests won’t be able to see each other across the table!

Don’t Forget

  • Create an itemized list of everything you are purchasing from your florist.
  • Choose a list of alternatives just in case your first  choice falls through.
  • Confirm venue addresses and arrival times for set-up.



Last year, Vogt’s opened Do It Yourself (DIY) Centers at Anthony Market Flowers in Flint and Flushing Florist in Flushing. “Our DIY Centers have evolved from bulk flower sales and brides putting together arrangements themselves at home,” Kal adds. With these centers, they are able to provide guidance, quality control, cooler storage, and delivery. “So far,” Kal says, “we have assisted over 150 brides with DIY weddings and the trend only seems to be growing!”
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“Lush” Trend
Hand-tied Bouquet

Pinks & Peaches are popular.


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