Fairy Gardens Creating Whimsy & Joy!


By Lisa Kemeny, Wojo’s General Manager 

On secret visits, look both ways leave a gift where fairies play.

Let’s Begin

Is this fairy garden going to be in a container or in the ground? An in-ground garden is one with plant material that stays there for several years and continues to grow. This way, you are not continually replacing plants that may grow too large for a container. The advantage to having a fairy garden in a container is that it can be moved to different areas of your landscaping, and can even be brought indoors for the winter.

When adding a fairy garden to an existing landscape, keep in mind that you will want to place it somewhere it can be viewed. Fairy gardens often look beautiful at the base of a tree or near a water feature, a sidewalk, or a deck. Use small plants to create a natural blending into the existing landscape. Observe whether your fairy garden will be in the sun or shade, and then choose plants that do well in those conditions.

Keep It Whimsical!

Different themes that you can use are vegetable gardens, cottage gardens, and fairy villages. Your fairy garden can even become seasonal with autumn and Halloween décor, Christmas décor, and even a fairy wedding.

Plants & Accessories

Miniature and immature plants work well for these gardens. Remember that in a few years, you may have to replace an immature plant; however, this is also a time when you can change the appearance of your fairy garden. If you’re working within a container, use annuals and replace them every year. For example, a tall marigold makes a wonderful tree in a fairy garden.

You can purchase fairy figurines, furniture, homes and miniature gardening tools for your fairies. Small stones can be used to create paths for the fairies to walk on. Moss that grows naturally in shady areas can be added for a “smooth landing” or a “carpet” for a fairy. Acorn caps can be used as containers, and twigs can be tied together to create furniture.

Create Your Own World

Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to try something new. Your garden can be a kaleidoscope of brightly-colored flowers that invigorate you; a cool, shady garden with multiple textures of green and white that sooth the senses, or a fairy garden that connects you with your inner child. Gardens are a place where you can create your own world.




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