Eco-friendly & Fabulous!


In Spring-Summer 2024, sustainability reigns supreme. We are constantly on the lookout for measures that have a positive impact on the environment and the local community.



We encourage you to embrace garments made from eco-conscious fabrics such as organic cotton, Tencel, hemp and recycled polyester. SHIFT recently partnered with a Canadian company called Parkhurst that makes lightweight sweaters from recycled cotton yarns with polyester recovered from water bottles to ensure millions of bottles never go into landfill waste. The Parkhurst founder says, “Since the early 1980s, we have been a leader in utilizing recycled, eco-friendly cotton into our knitwear collections. These yarns produce easy care, easy wear garments that have resulted in saving millions of litres of water and diverting thousands of tons of fabric from going to landfill.”



SHIFT is continuously seeking partners that reuse, recycle and are conscientious about the content of their products. With a focus on minimizing environmental impact, these materials, upcycled and mindful fabrics, yarns and adornments allow designers to create fashion that is not only beautiful, but also in harmony with nature. Products from World Finds are exactly this – fashion-forward jewelry made from upcycled Indian saris and scrap cloth from local markets – the beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more are crafted by over 1,000 women artisans from across the globe. Empowering and employing them contributes to ensuring they receive a fair wage, can educate themselves and their children, contribute to their community and break the cycle of poverty.



And speaking of spring and sustainability, if you want to know what will move in after red’s big moment this winter, just look to the opposite end of the color wheel – GREEN! We’re always looking to runway experts to gauge trends, and are betting on shades of green for 2024. Spring’s runways included every shade of green imaginable: Kelly, pistachio, grass, seafoam, you name it – and we love the fresh, verdant energy for the new season.



In terms of true style, “luxury casual” and sporty staples graced early year runways including graphic tees, hoodies and “patched” pieces, great denim with baseball caps. These looks made the models look like the most stylish attendees of after-school practice ever! Even if you can’t remember the last time you stepped foot in a gym, you can still dress like a star player; never underestimate hardworking basics like high-waisted jeans, versatile layering tees, chunky cardigans for transitioning to spring, and of course, great sneakers!



Cheers to the apres ski season out west with this adorable LOVE SKI sweater!



If you were online in the last few months of 2023, you noticed that everything was covered in bows, and the trend shows no signs of fading in 2024. Fashion’s obsession with girlhood (think florals in micro and bold macro blooms) and bows and rosettes, offers an escape from the demands of adult life: If you must pay taxes and go to the grocery store after work, at least you can look cute doing it. The easiest way to try the trend is with a hair tie or adorned with earrings. As always, SHIFT proclaims, “Accessories Matter!”



Transitional pieces like long-sleeve dresses, layering opportunities with timeless pieces like cardigans and blazers, light jackets and chic hats all sweep March Madness into a stylish and festive season to be celebrated. As always, show your style and shop locally. There are so many great St. Patrick’s Day events and March happenings around town … Eat, Drink and Be Merry!



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