Eat at the Market!


Summer is the peak season at the fabulous Flint Farmers’ Market – the facility attracts visitors from all over in search of luscious local fruits, veggies, baked goods, cheeses, fresh eggs and meats – but that isn’t all you’ll find there. The Market is home to many restaurants and eateries that will tantalize your taste buds. My City Magazine spent a day talking with the restaurant owners and sampling delicious food.

marketeats-8Mexico at the Market

Mexico at the Market offers a variety of authentic fare and grocery items. The Taqueria menu includes dishes such as pork carnitas tacos, ground beef tacos, nacho plate, fish tacos and barbacoa – a slow-roasted, shredded beef-cheek taco garnished with salsa, cilantro and onion, and finished with queso fresco. “We keep our food as authentic as possible,” says Delia Reyes who has worked at the restaurant for many years. The carne asada, which is a perfectly seasoned grilled beef skirt steak taco, was voted No. 1 in Genesee County and No. 7 in the state of Michigan. “We are really proud of that,” she added. One can also find many Mexican products including fresh salsa and tortillas – a brand that can’t be found anywhere else in Genesee County. Mexico at the Market serves many regular customers and college students who love Mexican food. The restaurant is managed by Redwood Steakhouse Brewery & Grill.



marketeats-10Beirut Restaurant

It has been said by many loyal customers that Beirut Restaurant has the best hummus and tabbouleh in town. Owned and operated by the Jawhari family, the restaurant offers a wide variety of scrumptious Middle Eastern food and a full line of groceries. According to Sam Jawhari, the chicken fatoosh sandwich is the most popular menu item. “Everything is home cooked and made with our own family recipes,” exclaims Sam, “and our customers love it!” The hummus and chips are also big sellers. “Where else can you go to eat and your body thanks you?” laughs Sam. “Our food is not only delicious, it is healthy.” Don’t forget to end your meal with a sweet bite of baklava.


Thompson Creek Turkey Farm

Many Market visitors enjoy grabbing a bite at the Thompson Creek Turkey Farm deli. According to deli manager Dawn Bowman, the turkey burger with fries and turkey chili are the most popular menu items. “People love our fries,” she says. “You really get your money’s worth.” Also on the menu are turkey breast strips, deli sandwiches, wraps and Coney dogs, to name a few. Janet Fitchett has been the cook for Thompson Creek for eight years and says they serve at least 60 burgers a day. New to the menu are chili cheese fries, which are quickly becoming popular. Dawn says the best thing about the food is that it is “deliciously healthy.”



Charlie’s Smokin’ BBQ

Charlie’s Smokin’ BBQ is known for serving mouthwatering, hickory-smoked ribs, brisket and pulled pork. Owner Charlie Weston was an outdoor vendor at the Market’s former location and has enjoyed his indoor space at the new one. Sandy Weston says top sellers are the pulled pork and the brisket. The menu includes the also-popular ribs, turkey legs, a variety of smoked sausages, and wings. Meals are served with comforting sides including baked beans, coleslaw, green beans, BBQ spaghetti and on Saturdays only, Charlie’s mac & cheese. Recent menu additions include a pulled smoked chicken sandwich smothered in barbecue sauce. “Our customers love it,” Sandy says.


Steady Eddy’s Cafe

Steady Eddy’s Cafe is the only restaurant at the Market that serves breakfast and their customers love it, according to Nichol Albiar, who co-owns the place with Chris Veihl. “We’re known for our pancakes and vegetarian chili,” Nichol says. They recently added biscuits and sausage gravy to the menu, which has been a big hit. Of course, the fluffy omelets are worth mentioning, especially the South of the Border vegetarian omelets, another customer favorite. This three-egg omelet is stuffed with spicy chili and cheese and topped with avocado, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream. Oatmeal is also a customer favorite. The extensive lunch menu includes vegetarian creations, tofu, specialty sandwiches, subs and salads. It is also the only Market eatery open five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday. Steady Eddy’s is proud to support the other Market vendors by using many of their products. “Everything but potatoes are from the Market,” says Nichol.


Sweet Peaces Veggie Bistro

When the Farmers’ Market opened Downtown, Sweet Peaces owner Victoria Eaton thought it would be a great place to showcase plant-based food and she has received an excellent response. “My very first customer was not vegan but told me, ‘If I could eat like this, I would be vegan.’” Her goal is to make dishes that are also organic and gluten free. The vegan dishes she makes have an Indian influence and the most popular is Aloo Gobi, a rich stew made with lentils and seasonal greens. Another favorite is Chana Masala, an Indian garbanzo bean curry made with onion, tomato and spices. She also serves Thai broccoli rice, a brown rice dish with savory peanut sauce, broccoli and cashews. Also on the menu are daily specials, soups, fresh baked goods and natural soda. “I have a lot of regular customers who hear about us by word of mouth,” says Victoria.



Tim Bishop (who happens to be mayor of Davison) has served hot dogs at the Flint Farmers’ Market for four years. “Everybody loves hot dogs,” he laughs. The B-Dogs menu includes nine varieties, all of which are a take on the Flint-style Coney, and he serves only Koegel hot dogs. A favorite is the Coney Crunch, a Coney dog topped with melted cheese, jalapeños and crushed Fritos. Also popular are the Mac & Cheese Dog, Stadium Dog and the Backyard BBQ Dog. Tim served 45,000 hot dogs last year and students at nearby UM-Flint are some of his best customers. “Hot dogs make an affordable lunch that’s easy to eat while walking around the Market,” says Tim.



Hoffman’s Chop Shop “Marketwiches”

For people who are in a hurry or grabbing a quick bite to take back to the office, the grab-and-go sandwiches at Hoffman’s Chop Shop have become very popular. The best thing about the sandwiches? “We utilize products from the Market vendors to build them,” says Owner Mark Hoffman. He offers a nice variety, including classic Italian, Cuban, turkey, and a classic ham sandwich, all of which are freshly made each morning. “If you are on the fly, stop on by and grab a sandwich,” says Mark.


Chubby Duck Sushi

Sushi, anyone? You’ll find traditional Japanese food at Chubby Duck, well-known for its sushi cones. “We are the only restaurant in town that does sushi cones,” says Chef Cheryl Wilmot. “It’s very healthy.” Cheryl says there is a misconception about sushi being made only with raw fish. “Sushi actually means seasoned rice,” the chef reports. The salmon sushi cone and the crabby cone are the most popular but the ginger chicken is also high on the list. The crabby cone is made with Japanese monk fish, avocado, green onion, cucumber, carrots and roasted sesame seeds wrapped in seaweed. Chubby Duck also serves a variety of fresh and healthy salads, made with only the finest and freshest ingredients. The restaurant is owned by Ian Dien who is an Ace Chef (one of only eight in Michigan).
My City thanks all the vendors who graciously dished up their fare for our photos!


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