Dare to DIY?


bridal-27wedding is the ultimate (and often most expensive) expression of a couple’s personality, taste, and relationship for all their guests to see – and admire. But many a bride has taken on more than she could handle, even with the help of her family, friends and maids – er, bridesmaids. Whether you’re trying to defray some of the staggering cost or add some personal touches, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Key Considerations

•Cost: Many brides assume that DIY is always cheaper than hiring or buying. This is not always the case, especially if you consider the necessary time.

•Time: This cannot be overstated. You must consider not only the amount of time it will take to do a project, but also when that project must be completed. Anything you make that involves perishables (flowers, foods that cannot be frozen) will have to be done very close to the time you’re getting married. Even something you love to do and are very good at can become a nightmare when you’re scrambling to finish it two hours before your hair appointment.

•Aesthetic: If you are a perfectionist, DIY can be a trial. Take favors, for example. Something that’s “handmade with love” means it will not look professionally done. Decide whether or not you can live with that before you start a project.

•Number of Items: Making a few decorations for your reception is vastly different from assembling 200+ favors. Just make sure you can withstand the monotony before you elect to hand-address your invitations in calligraphy.

Do It Yourself

Pick one (or two if you’re brave) and have fun!

•Favors: Pick a theme that embodies you and your fiancé! You may not save money here (cheap boxes of candy run a dollar each online), but handmade favors are much more likely to be appreciated and kept by your guests!

•Décor Items: Unique, funky flea market finds can personalize and dress up your reception site.

•Centerpieces: Proceed with caution here, but DIY centerpieces are very personal and relatively easy to do, especially if you choose to forgo traditional flowers.

•Your Makeup: Cosmeticians can be terribly expensive, and as long as you don’t try anything too brave on the big day, this is a great DIY. Play with different looks in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and don’t forget to snap a picture – not only so you can check how it looks – but also to help you remember what you want on the day of!

Do  Not  Do It Yourself

Leave these to the professionals!

•Photography: After you’ve eaten that year-old wedding cake on your first anniversary, photos are the only thing you have to remember your wedding day. Don’t leave them to Aunt Susie.

•Coordinating: This doesn’t necessarily need to be handled by a professional, but someone other than you or a member of your wedding party should know the schedule and act as a liaison with vendors should there be an issue.

•Cake: Just don’t.

DIY Insanity

Who would actually DO this?

• Grow flowers for your bouquets

• Grow the food for your wedding meal

• Cook dinner for your guests

• Sew your bridesmaids dresses

• Sew your wedding gown


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