Change the Course of the World July 20th is World Jump Day


Are you ready to jump? On July 20, at 7:39am and 13 seconds (EDT), it is planned for everyone in the entire world to jump simultaneously with the goal of changing Earth’s orbit slightly to abate climate change.

Now, obviously, humans jumping in unison will do nothing to affect Earth’s orbit; but that’s not the point. The point is to spread awareness about climate change and to prove that we can work together to achieve a common outcome. World Jump Day was started in 2006 by German artist Torsten Lauschmann, and in that first year he claimed to have over 600 million registered jumpers on his now-defunct website. The day has been celebrated every year since.

The goal is for everyone to jump at the scheduled time – but if you miss it, the day can be celebrated in numerous ways. One could jump rope or on a trampoline, do jumping jacks, jump off a diving board and more. As long as you can get airborne in some way, it counts. Just have fun with it!

What will happen if everyone truly does jump and land in unison? Will we feel it? Will it make a difference in any way? Will it prove that people of the world can actually work together as one to tackle a problem such as climate change, racism or war? Would it act as a first step? There is only one way to find out.

So, at 7:39 am and 13 seconds on July 20, why not give a little hop while you get ready for work, make breakfast and begin your day. If you’re not a morning person, maybe set your alarm for 7:39am, get up, wait 13 seconds, jump (maybe give yourself more time to stretch first) and lie back down. You never know what we can achieve if we try.

Ready … set … JUMP!





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