Candy Corn Love it or hate it?


October 30 is National Candy Corn Day

What is candy corn, anyway? Said to have been created first in the 1880s for the Wunderle Candy Co. in Philadelphia. It was not originally a Halloween treat, but later became the traditional Halloween candy around the 1950s because of its festive, harvest-themed colors. It was also called “chicken feed” for a short time after its introduction to the candy market in the 1920s. Some candy corn haters might still call it that today, except that they’d feel bad for any chickens that might actually have to eat it.


  • The tri-color scheme is aesthetically pleasing.
  • It represents unity and equality, because all of the colors have the same flavor.
  • People consider it a sign that autumn has arrived.
  • The texture is important: eating it should feel like biting into butter. Flavor notes are said to include
  • marshmallow, vanilla and buttery-caramel. (But, some say it just tastes like processed sugar.)
  • For some, the appeal is that it’s only around for the season.


  • It’s made from 90% sugar and 10% crayon wax, with some artificial coloring.
  • Once a year, people eat way too much of it get sick, and then hate it.
  • It’s shaped like the rotting teeth you’ll eventually have from eating it.
  • It’s in the same category as plastic spiders: also NOT candy.
  • It is … for lack of a better word … gross.

The Great Candy Corn Debate: which side are you on?

The truth is, most people who love candy corn won’t admit it, so, it’s hard to find a good argument for either side.

What do YOU think? Will you admit your love for this highly debated confection and eat candy corn this Halloween? Join the debate on our Facebook page!


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