Building Your Home, Sweet Home


By Lisa Sears, Co-Owner of Signet Residential

Building a new home is not for everyone; but if someone desires a home that most closely meets the needs of their family and lifestyle, then building is the way to go. Design is key, and today’s lifestyles welcome designs and trends focusing on smaller homes and open floor plans with quiet getaway spaces, “flex” spaces, and storage.

Additionally, today’s homes are being built with more efficient energy systems than ever before (insulation, heat and AC, and plumbing). If you’re considering building a house, those new energy systems offer a significant advantage, and a downside to buying an existing house is that these energy systems could be outdated.

Building offers you maximum control of the design elements. There are certainly many variables to consider, and it is, ultimately, a very personal process. Cost is a factor, of course, and a qualified builder will discuss all of the pros and cons involved in the construction of a new home with you. Choosing a location can be very personal, as well; there is an endless list of factors, but typically most important are school systems, proximity to work, family and friends. A few examples of ways to build:



Our favorite projects are those when a prospective client comes to us with a blank palette. They may or may not have a piece of property to build on or a floor plan in mind, but as a custom home builder, we work with clients through this entire process to design a home that meets their needs and budget.

After working in the industry for 30 years, we have found that clients have the best experience when they work through the process with a construction professional who will keep their best interest in the forefront. This approach offers the opportunity to be involved in all the decisions of the many parts and pieces that is takes to build a new home. The construction professional should guide you toward the best choices for you, being mindful of good quality, design and budget.

Competitive Bidding

If you are considering bidding your new home project yourself, it is best to be prepared and go to meetings with builders you are considering with a complete list of how you want the project to be bid. If you stay organized and give the same list of requirements to each builder, then you have a much better chance of receiving competitive bids.


Buying a “Spec” Home

This traditionally means buying a house that is completed or nearly completed that has been constructed by a builder to sell, based on speculation of what features a buyer may want. The lot is determined, and because these homes don’t go on the market until they are partially completed, the buyer has the opportunity to see the home built, as opposed to on paper. Typically, spec home buyers can select finishing products, such as paint and flooring. Sometimes, they can select trim details such as cabinetry – it all depends on the builder and the stage of completion the home is at when the buyer gets involved.

No matter which course you take, building a new home is exciting! Count on industry professionals to lead the way, and you are sure to have a great experience from ground-breaking to moving into the home of your dreams.

Remodeling Trends

  • A work-friendly environment for people who work part- and full-time from home
  • Multipurpose spaces
  • Spa-like details in baths such as glass, custom lighting, and elements of nature such as indoor plants and stone and pebble accents
  • Storage! Built-in organization for kids’ things and bulk-shopping items
  • Clean lines, open spaces and less clutter in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Exterior living spaces with large doors from the home to maximize the outdoor space

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