Bridal Blues

As Team My City put together our bridal section for this month’s issue, I found myself reliving my own wedding quite a number of times.

I got married in May 2014, and I noticed that as I researched trends and advice for various articles, I was sad. As I studied DIY methods, I remembered the fun I had creating the favors for my wedding with my family. As I looked at photos of gorgeous gowns, I remembered the fun of having my mom’s wedding dress altered to fit me. Finally, I realized that I missed the planning, the excitement, and the anticipation. Perhaps I even missed the attention I received as a bride …

Apparently, post-wedding blues are a real thing. And as much as I would have scoffed at this a year ago, I get it now: a year of preparation and enthusiasm (and a ridiculous amount of money) for a single day. And it’s over as quickly as any day is over. Perhaps that’s why celebrations in olden days were week-long affairs: because if you’re going to put that much work into it, you need enough time to enjoy the result! It’s odd, actually, because you’re a bride-to-be for up to a year before the wedding, and for a year afterward you’re a newlywed – but you’re only a bride for one day.

Of course, what makes a wedding so special is that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, but that’s also what makes you sad once it’s over. You have to come to terms with the fact that you’ll never experience that beautiful high ever again. Of course, while you’re realizing this, you continue to run into the plethora of wedding-related content out there: magazines, websites, Pinterest, and don’t forget all the nuptials you’re invited to! Don’t get me wrong – my wedding was perfect – but I inevitably found a photo or a brilliant idea I wish I’d incorporated into my big day… and that certainly doesn’t help cure the bridal blues. Still, there’s no reason to focus on what is past. After all, I spent one glorious day as a bride in order to become a wife, and that last my whole life! ♦


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