Bonded by Voice The Flint Male Chorus


For 80-years, members of the Flint Male Chorus have gathered together on stages throughout Genesee County to sing for anyone and everyone who comes to listen. They sing for the holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. They sing barbershop and sea shanties, old classic songs and today’s hits. Made up of Flint area men of all ages and walks of life, it is a group bonded by voice. “The very best part of it is the camaraderie,” says current Director Matt Packer. “We love to sing and sing together. It’s a brotherhood.”

Organized in 1943 as the Chevrolet Flint Male Chorus, it was originally made up of men employed by the Chevrolet Manufacturing division of General Motors and backed by GM. “Back then, GM sponsored the chorus, paying for their trips and their time,” says Packer. “The roster of the chorus was very large back then. Can you imagine getting paid during your work day to take an hour to sing with the chorus? Of course, the roster was large!” When GM pulled sponsorship from the project, the chorus dwindled until being rebranded as the Flint Male Chorus by its continuing members. “The guys who remained were the ones doing it for the music,” adds Packer. “They were the ones who truly loved to sing.”

Organized in 1943 as the Chevrolet Flint Male Chorus, it was originally made up of men employed by the Chevrolet Manufacturing division of General Motors and backed by GM.

Today, the chorus continues to operate in and around Genesee County singing as part of the Great Lakes Male Chorus Association (GLMCA) holding shows and collaborating with male choruses from across the state. “We are actually one of three male choruses in the County,” Packer informs, “and we collaborate yearly on performances.” The other two choruses are the Norton Male Chorus (Davison) and the Singing Knights of Columbus (Flint).

We love to sing and sing together. It’s a brotherhood.

Dr. Matthew Packer, Director

Packer joined the chorus in 2005 and took up the mantle of director a year later. He has traveled with the chorus and performed throughout the state, country, and in Canada partaking in between 15 and 20 performances per year. “We perform an eclectic selection of songs picked with consideration for our audience,” he states. “Songs are determined by the music selection committee but it’s a team effort. We sing pieces of our own and like to get the audience involved in a sing-along, as well.” For the upcoming Christmas Concert, the chorus will perform “The Grinch”, “Silver Bells”, “The First Noel”, variations of “Jingle Bells” and others. For this year’s concert, they will be joined by the Norton Male Chorus and FIM’s New Horizons Band.

Each year, in addition to its many local performances, the Flint Male Chorus takes part in a yearly GLMCA tradition called “The Big Sing” when all associated choruses combine for one standout concert. “When I started, we had nearly 300 chorus members active in the performance. Through the years, we lost a few choruses,” Packer says. “Last year, we hosted ‘The Big Sing’
at Montrose High School and we featured over 150 singers.” In the spring of 2024, the Flint Male Chorus will again host “The Big Sing” at Montrose High School.

For Packer and the rest of the gentlemen in the group, the Flint Male Chorus is a way to express themselves through voice and they all welcome anyone who is interested to join. “You don’t have to be the next Pavarotti,” Packer laughs. “There is no real audition process. Just show up to rehearsals. We really just want someone who can carry a tune and sing their part.”

The Flint Male Chorus would love some new voices to bolster and strengthen their sound. The chorus rehearses at the Swartz Creek United Methodist Church every Tuesday at 7pm from September through May. Those interested are encouraged to email Matt Packer at or simply show up to their next rehearsal.

Many feel that the chorus concept is becoming obsolete. While choir roster numbers have been dwindling in colleges and churches, the pastime is alive in Genesee County through the effort and opportunity presented by groups like the Flint Male Chorus. “We are a very easy-going group,” states Packer. “Come sing with us.”

See the Flint Male Chorus perform Christmas Classics in collaboration with the Norton Male Chorus and New Horizons Band on December 9 at the Swartz Creek United Methodist Church, starting at 3pm. 


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