Black Tie Productions



Craig Center, proprietor of Black Tie Productions, has been in the deejay business since he was ten. “My dad was a deejay,” Craig said, “and I assisted him. “The business he created in 1982 in order to pay for my college not only afforded us cherished father-son time, but also became a legacy that he passed down to me!” Now, Craig proudly states that Black Tie is older than most of the brides who hire him. He also points out that he offers much more than reception music and a deejay. Cordless up-lighting in an array of colors and monograms transforms a room from beautiful to breathtaking. Photo booths are an affordable option that Black Tie provides and can make a wedding theme unforgettable. “We provide packages that include everything you need without pressuring you,” Craig assures.

Black Tie’s success is rooted in strict quality control and experienced professionals. “Our deejays are not just deejays,” says Craig. “They serve as the Master of Ceremonies.” The Black Tie team sees it as their job to make things go smoothly from beginning to end. “Of the myriad vendors involved in a reception, Black Tie is the only service that is there all night, ensuring that the primary people – the newlyweds and their families – enjoy themselves.” Craig says that after months of planning, hundreds of decisions, and even more money, a bride needs to enjoy her day. “We do our homework early, and by the wedding day, we know exactly what the couple wants.” At that point, Black Tie takes the lead and holds down the fort. “If there’s no one to pour the champagne at toast time, we handle it,” he says. “We do anything necessary to maintain the energy of the biggest celebration in a couple’s life. Trust us. We vow to make everything perfect.”

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