Agroscaping, Inc.



Well known in the community for creating captivating landscape design including pavers, retaining walls, gazebos and water features, Agroscaping, Inc. of Swartz Creek has been committed to protecting the environment as they beautify it for the past 34 years. “We try to go organic in everything we do,” says owner Joe Kudwa. Irrigation systems installed by Agroscaping are designed to save both time and water, and even the benches in the Agroscaping greenhouse are heated by a wood-burning boiler to reduce fossil fuel usage. In addition to caring for the environment, Agroscaping cares for its customers. “We are the only company that offers our customers the opportunity to design custom-made pots to fit their style in our greenhouse!” Joe exclaimed. Joe, who obtained a master’s degree in horticulture at MSU, says the key to success is knowledgeable staff. “We have a great team with many years of experience and they take great care of our customers!”


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