A Way Out: James-Moorehouse, Inc.


Cheryl Golidy has a knack for identifying the needs of her community and helping the underserved. As a nurse and caregiver, her goals are always met with compassion, understanding and the drive to support those in need. So, when she attended a conference and training session on human trafficking in Detroit, the next step for her to take in life was revealed. “I had to learn more. I had so many questions,” she states. “I spoke to the head of the organization who gave the presentation and asked for more information. They invited me to take part in their outreach program, learn how to identify those being trafficked and how to help them. I was with the program for six or seven months.” After her training, Golidy returned to Flint with a mission. “Human trafficking is a problem and a big problem in Flint,” she explains. “I’ve seen all kinds of things during training and as I ride down streets in Flint, I can spot the problem quickly.”

In 2019, Golidy founded James-Moorehouse, Inc., with the mission to care for and support women in recovery from trafficking, prostitution, addiction and homelessness. The organization is named after her family’s last name (James), the last name of a fellow volunteer and friend (Moore), and “house” as the future focal point of care. She quickly established a board of directors and joined Genesee County’s Human Trafficking Task Force. “We located a building in Downtown Flint that will serve as temporary housing for those in recovery,” she says. “After securing all of the paperwork necessary, we were getting people and funds in place for renovation when the pandemic hit and put everything on hold. Now that things look to be better, we are getting ready to begin renovations and hopefully open the building in the spring or mid-summer.”

With the project on hold during the pandemic, Golidy focused on creating relationships with local organizations, providing outreach to Flint’s needy and building awareness of the human trafficking problem. She has aided and built partnerships to further her endeavor with organizations such as St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center, the New McCree Theatre and Mott Community College working with the Black Student Union to provide outreach to the area’s homeless and help raise awareness of human trafficking. “The students have been very interested in learning about the problem and working to help,” she adds. “During this time, we also visited warming centers and helped provide those who were there with goods and COVID-19 protection equipment.” Golidy cites Harris Memorial Church of God in Christ as providing integral support for her outreach activities. To spread awareness of human trafficking, James-Moorehouse, Inc., took part in Flint’s Juneteenth celebration last year and visited multiple parks and organizations throughout the city. James-Moorehouse, Inc., also has a presence at the Flint Farmers’ Market whenever possible to speak and educate its patrons.

As soon as the house opens this year, James-Moorehouse, Inc., will be in full swing. “We plan to provide 24 months of safe housing for survivors with full support and recovery programming,” informs Golidy. “We will work with other organizations such as the Flint Police Department to help as many as we can. The goal is to help survivors become self-sufficient through healing, security, support and education.” Once the house is established, Golidy and volunteers will begin the Saved by Grace outreach program which identifies and offers help to those in need on the streets of Flint. “It’s what I was taught as a volunteer in Detroit during training. We can provide a way out for those who may not think it’s possible,” adds Golidy.

James-Moorehouse, Inc. is about giving hope to those in the city who feel trapped in slavery, addiction and homelessness. It’s an organization of support and safety for those who feel alone and vulnerable. For Golidy, it’s something she feels called to do. “As soon as the house is up and running, I am dedicating all of my time to it,” she says. “I want to help alleviate the hate and suffering in the city and promote its happiness.”

All her life, Golidy has cared for other people and maintains that there is good in everyone. And, she believes that through her efforts and the compassion of others, James-Moorehouse Inc., will help survivors of human trafficking get back on their feet, stand up, and rise to glory.

If you would like to learn more about James-Moorehouse Inc., donate or volunteer, visit James-Moorehouse.com or email Cheryl Golidy at golidyc@gmail.com.

Photos Provided by Cheryl Golidy


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