A Recap of the Year that was 2017


Happy New Year!

As 2018 is now in full swing, I hear from a few different sources that we are in for a long and precipitous second half of winter. To summarize the year of 2017, I’d like to touch on a few different points. I may even offend some of our readers; but hey, being offensive was something brought back into the mainstream in 2017, right?

I work with many different types of clients, but in general, I can break them down into four groups: the Liberal Left, Democrat, Republican, and Conservative Right. Where any given client falls in this group typically determined what type of year they had. Conservative Right clients likely feel as if they had an amazing year, that everything is getting back to normal and their long-held values are being re-instituted. The “Middle of The Road” Republican likes a lot of things going on, doesn’t really feel comfortable; but, hey – at least your stock accounts have been doing well. If you identify as a “Middle of The Road” Democrat, you typically can’t stand what’s going on, you long for the smoothness and tact of your past leader, you may even attend a protest march or two; but, hey … at least your stock accounts have been doing well (consolation prize, I guess). Lastly, you may be a member of my Liberal Left clientele if you feel like you’re having difficulty breathing, can’t sleep at night, and your TV never seems to change from the latest breaking CNN report. You may even be contemplating giving away your recent stock market gains to charity (yet to have anyone do this).

No matter where we fall on the spectrum, there are a few facts that have affected us all. One of those is that many of the economic numbers and unemployment rates have been coming in stronger than they were at this time last year. The stock market, as measured by the S&P 500* made all-time new highs in 2017. Genesee County’s housing market is finally back on track. Kari Hartley, Owner of RE/MAX Town & Country in Flushing, MI, had this to say: “The Genesee County housing market has experienced aggressive gains throughout 2017. The inventory of homes for sale continues to be low, which has helped in the recovery of prices. Sellers are able to have a better experience with receiving favorable terms, many times receiving multiple offers on a property that is in good condition and priced well. Sellers are preparing their properties to engage buyers at their pricing points and buyers are also doing their part to make sure financing is in place before they begin the looking process. Mortgage companies are also playing their role to make sure the buyers are well qualified for the purchase. The market is reshaping itself, all for the better.”

Although there have been many economic gains this past year, we need to keep focused this year on what really matters. We need to remember that we can gain the whole world; but without love, it is going to be meaningless. Love for our family, love for our neighbor, and even love for our enemy is what will make all people have a successful 2018.

I wish you a very happy, prosperous, and LOVING New Year.

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