A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner



Job Description: Must have strong organizational skills, a high energy level, and the ability to work long hours and stand on your feet for long periods of time. Must be available to work weekends and evenings. A sense of humor is required. Must have compassion and the ability to handle high levels of stress and most of all, be capable of always being one step ahead.

The job of wedding planner is not for the faint of heart; the above description lists just a few of the qualities required for one to succeed in this career. Laura Allis, owner of Laura Allis Events in Grand Blanc has been a wedding planner/event coordinator since 2000.”I like to say that I plan and coordinate ‘all life celebrations,’” says Laura with a smile. She not only plans weddings but coordinates other events including anniversary and birthday parties, graduation festivities, and fundraisers to name a few. And no event is too big or too small for this professional, who has handled life celebrations with as few as 25 people and as many as 600 people. “I love what I do!” Laura exclaimed. “I love working with people and I get to help them create memories during special occasions in their lives.”

So what’s a day in the life of a wedding planner like? “It isn’t just one day; the wedding day starts days before the wedding,” laughs Laura. “And every wedding is different.” Laura Allis Events provides two services: full-time planning in which the planner is involved in every bit of the preparation from beginning to end; and “Day Of ” Coordination, when the bride has handled some of the planning and the coordinator provides services four to six weeks prior to the event.

The wedding planner starts the process by formulating a detailed timeline. The locations of the service and reception are arranged, as are ceremony officiates, photographers, caterers, deejays, and vendors for flowers, linens, etc. When every little detail is in place, the planner does a walk-through of the venues and a final meeting with the bride and groom. Laura also makes sure the ceremony rehearsal goes smoothly by assisting the officiate and making sure the wedding party knows what to do. “The ceremony is already choreographed,” she says. “I’m there to make the rehearsal a more relaxed experience for the bride and groom.” She prepares a timeline which she gives to the wedding party so that they know exactly what to do on the big day.


The waiting and anticipation are over and it’s finally Wedding Day! Laura goes to the reception venue for the set-up and is available for all the service vendors to answer any questions and handle last-minute details. “I make sure everything ties together,” Laura says. She then meets with the bride and groom prior to the ceremony to coordinate pre-wedding photos and greet the guests. She makes sure the bridal party is lined up with boutonnieres and bouquets in place. When all is running smoothly and it’s time for the wedding to begin, Laura leaves for the reception venue. “I rarely get to see the actual ceremony,” she says, “To this day, I still get teary-eyed sending a bride down the aisle.”

Once the ceremony begins, Laura rushes to the reception locale to facilitate a smooth transition from ceremony to cocktails and dinner. She makes sure that food preparation has gone smoothly, the cocktail service is ready to begin, and linens and special décor touches are in place. She has assistants who help her, and the number of staff on hand is determined by the size of the event. At the reception, a wedding planner’s presence also allows the mother of the bride to really enjoy occasion. “The mother of the bride is a special role in itself,” Laura says. “I take care of the details so that she can relax and fully be part of her daughter’s wedding.” During the reception, the wedding planner coordinates with the deejay on the timing of the special dances, the bouquet toss, etc. “What is most important is that my team and I remain in the background,” she says. “We get things done without being noticed by the guests.”

Once the party is over, Laura always sends the bride and groom off with a goodie bag. Then it’s time to do the post-reception clean-up, and help with transporting the wedding gifts. “I’m generally the last person out the door,” she laughs. “Then, it’s time for me to get off my feet and sit down with a glass of wine!”

Laura admits that being a wedding planner is a demanding job, but one for which she is perfectly suited. “I become a part of the bride and groom’s families for one of the most important days of their lives, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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