7 Questions with … Brian Waldron CEO, Dort Financial Credit Union


1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was in kindergarten, I distinctly remember wanting to be a doctor! I even remember dressing up as one for career day. That dream changed in middle school after I visited the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with a friend. (Her parents were alumni.) If you have seen the U of M law campus, then you know: it’s gorgeous. I fell in love and decided at that moment I was going to be an attorney. My parents thought this was a great choice, as I loved to argue with them!


2. What/where was your very first job?

At 16, I started working at Village Green Landscaping and Nursery in Findlay, OH loading mulch and stone for customers. I would unload delivery trucks and plant trees in the nursery. I had the best “farmer’s tan!”


3. You have twin 14-year-old boys; do they keep you pretty busy?

Last summer, one of the twins achieved his black belt rank in martial arts. He has been a dedicated martial artist for four years. While many kids do not progress to black belt, he persevered with determination and grit. The other twin loves soccer and in sixth grade was asked to compete on a premier league soccer team that traveled through the northeast. I have a great picture of him playing right striker in NYC with One World Tower in the background.


4. What are you currently most excited about in your life?

This changes often and usually revolves around my children. Currently, I am excited for my oldest son Bryce, who is attending Saint Louis University studying Flight Science Engineering – he has dreamed of being a pilot since he was little. As a toddler, he loved GeoTrax and always gravitated toward the airport/airplane. As he grew, I remember him playing t-ball and being in the outfield looking up at the sky and pointing at airplanes … as the ball rolled past him. In fact, as I am answering these questions, using the incredible technology we have today, I can track his plane as he flies and listen to him interact with air traffic control. Seeing him live out his dream is incredibly exciting.

I am also excited for my wife Alicia – who has followed my career from Ohio to St. Louis, to New York – to be back in the midwest and closer to her family. They live in Dayton, OH and before I moved to St. Louis for an opportunity at Scott Credit Union, we were seven minutes from her parents, door-to-door. Through the years, we have always remained close to family but unfortunately, because we were not in close proximity, we missed out on family gatherings and several holidays. I am excited for her to be within an easy driving distance from them.

Personally, I am excited about the opportunity to lead an incredible group of dedicated employees who strive daily to go above and beyond for the members of Dort Financial Credit Union. It is incredibly satisfying to walk into a branch and hear stories from members about how they were able to purchase their first auto or home with the help from a Dort Financial CU employee. I love hearing about multiple generations of families that have accounts with the credit union. Dort Financial employees truly live the credit union mission of “people helping people.” Excitement hardly describes how I feel; I am blessed to work with the board of directors, executive team and staff as we serve the members every day.


5. Do you have any hobbies?

As you can imagine, my most time-consuming activity is transporting my boys to martial arts and soccer practices. Outside of that, I enjoy boating and time at the beach. There is something about being on the water that rejuvenates the soul. My wife and I also love to travel, exploring new places and immersing ourselves in the local culture.


6. How would your friends describe you?

I believe they would say that I am incredibly loyal.


7. What is one work-related thing you hope to accomplish in the next year?

Dort Financial Credit Union has served the community and members incredibly well for the past 70 years; the employees remain dedicated to assisting members through their financial life-cycles. I not only hope to carry on this incredible legacy, but I will also work hard to create a strategic vision where the credit union continues to grow and flourish.

Photo courtesy of Brian Waldron


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