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On May 13 (5.13) of 2021, Tavé Kuckhoff and Alex Grimes made a decision. “That was the day we officially decided to make it happen,” Kuckhoff remembers. “We saw the gaps that existed in the recovery process after treatment or incarceration of those dealing with addiction or mental health,” states Kuckhoff. “We wanted to fill those gaps and build a community of support.” Seven months later in December 2021, 513 Recovery Clubhouse became an official non-profit 501(c)(3) with the mission “to provide trauma-informed care by providing resources from multiple pathways.” The program is free of charge for any person struggling with addiction or mental health who desires a better and brighter future for themselves.

“Flint is really ahead of the curve as far as organizations and resources available for those who need help.”
Alex Grimes, Executive Director

Last fall, Alex and Tavé were proud to be recognized with an Art of Achievement Award.

Kuckhoff (Director of Operations) and Grimes (Executive Director), both in recovery themselves, know the struggles of addiction and mental health and have built their program around the understanding that each person is different and that there are multiple pathways to recovery. Each person responds best in their own way to what they are most comfortable with. “If you are able to control your addiction and build a better life,” says Kuckhoff, “it does not matter how you did it. Every person’s recovery is valid. No two people are the same.” Grimes agrees, adding, “Often those on probation are tasked to undergo mandated therapy but that program doesn’t always work. There are different pathways to recovery. For example, I responded the best to a more science-driven program known as SMART Recovery while Tavé responded best to a more holistic approach.”

“As another example, religion plays a large role in most recovery programs and that works great for a lot of people,” continues Kuckhoff, “but others are uncomfortable with religion. They need something else. Currently, we present more than 12 different pathways to sustain recovery.”

513 Recovery Clubhouse is (L-R): Tavé Kuckhoff (Dir. of Operations), Alex Grimes (Exec. Director), Michelle Goshien (Treasurer), Amy Dicicco (General Board) and Allison Boggess (Board President). Not pictured: Kristin Prieur, Secretary

The Recovery Clubhouse exposes its members to new paths to wellness such as SMART Recovery, Holistic Recovery, Wellbriety, Refuge Recovery and more in weekly meetings that also highlight emotional learning topics such as “setting boundaries” or “attachment styles”, and life skills classes such as credit building, money management, literacy and more. Each topic and recovery method is provided by a certified instructor. “We will never offer a path to recovery or a topic without a certified instructor,” adds Grimes. It is important to note that 513 Recovery Clubhouse is NOT a medical treatment program; instead, the organization is there to help people continue or find their best path to recovery and a better life. They are there to support those who need help and understanding. “We partner with other local organizations that specialize in a specific recovery path who can help you continue your journey,” explains Kuckhoff.

One very important aspect of 513 Recovery Clubhouse is that it offers a judgment-free environment. It is a place of healing, support and community, and never one of ridicule or shame. You will be accepted, no questions asked. “There is a large stigma in society about those who suffer with addiction and mental health,” says Kuckhoff. “When you are an addict, you feel like you deserve nothing – you feel like such a low-life and feel alone. The stigma enhances these feelings and makes people afraid of seeking help. Unfortunately, people always tend to celebrate those who have recovered but neglect to help those who are struggling.”

The Recovery Clubhouse exposes its members to new paths to wellness, such as SMART Recovery, Holistic Recovery, Wellbriety, Refuge Recovery and more.

“Some people are taught or think that in order to get help, they must be undergoing medical treatment or worse, engage in their addiction,” continues Grimes. “You don’t have to do that. Just ask for help. You can call us at any time or message us on Facebook or social media. We will respond.” 513 Recovery Clubhouse is open to people from any walk of life. “Addiction is everywhere and shows no faces,” says Kuckhoff. 513 Recovery Clubhouse is an LGBTQ+ safe space and is also open to youth dealing with addiction and mental health and those recovering from sexual abuse.

513 Recovery Clubhouse holds meetings every Tuesday from 6pm-7pm at the Flint Local 432 located at 124 W. First St. in Downtown Flint. The organization also hosts multiple sober recovery social nights throughout the year featuring movies, holiday-themed celebrations (Friendsgiving, white elephant gift exchange, etc.) and more. “We hosted a recovery talent show where nearly 100 people showed up,” recalls Kuckhoff. “It was so much fun.” Family members and children are welcome at all social nights and most meetings depending upon conversation and the learning topic.

513 has been so successful and such a boon to those in recovery that Kuckhoff and Grimes have eyes on taking it national, with the city of Reno, NV showing interest. “Flint is really ahead of the curve as far as organizations and resources available for those who need help,” says Grimes. “Places like Reno, surprisingly, have a lot of gaps to fill.”

If you would like to help 513 Recovery Clubhouse continue their mission, please make a donation, become a sponsor or purchase branded merchandise (hoodies, shirts) at 513recovery.org. “Everything goes directly to our organization and its members,” explains Kuckhoff. “We don’t take a salary for what we do.” 513 Recovery Clubhouse would like to thank Flint Local 432 and the Community Foundation of Greater Flint for their ongoing support of their mission. If your organization would like to partner with 513 Recovery Clubhouse, please call 248.500.8069.

If you struggle with addiction or with your mental health and would like help turning your life around, are in recovery and looking for continued support, or are in crisis, please call 513 Recovery Clubhouse at 248.500.8069, email support@513Recovery.org, or message them via Facebook or Instagram. “We are available at any time,” assures Grimes. “Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to help, no questions asked.”


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