5 Reasons to Live on a Lake


For many of us, summertime brings back memories of visiting a family member’s house on the lake and all of the good times we had. Doing cannonballs off the dock, being pulled behind a boat on a tube and flying off to roaring laughter from friends, being able to “stand up” on water skis for the first time, early morning fishing … the list goes on. Here are five reasons to search for that lakeside property you’ve always wanted.

1. Banish Boredom

Go jump in a lake! On good days and bad, warm or cold, the lake is there for you and the possibilities for fun are endless. Swimming and fishing are the most obvious and a little cliched. You can do more! How about water sports like jet skiing, water skiing or tubing. Break out the kayak, get some exercise, and identify water creatures you see along the way. Conduct a few science experiments in nature. If your lake freezes over in the winter, set up a hockey rink or go ice fishing. If all else fails, just relax and listen to the sounds of nature while you read a good book.

2. Photo Opportunities

If you live on a lake, you will find yourself embedded in a million new hobbies and photography will be one. From animals to sunsets, to family and friends, you will want to capture all the fun and beauty you see every morning and every night. Make room in your budget for some high-end technology – you’re going to need it.

3. Lakes are for Entertaining

You have memories of visiting family on the lake when you were a kid and now you can create your own, instead. Invite the extended family for a weekend to show those nephews, nieces, cousins and grandparents a good time. Have friends over for a barbecue and a swim or boat ride. Break out the guitar and sit around the bonfire while the moonlight dances on the water.

4. Improve your Health

Lakes provide more than fun – they encourage you to seek fresh air and relaxation. How can you be tense when you are sitting on your deck on a clear summer morning, drinking your coffee and watching the waves? The air smells fresh and clean as you take it deeply into your body. When you finish a tough day of work in the yard, take a running leap into the water and swim out the kinks. Your mental health will likely improve just as much as your physical health.

5. A Sportsman’s Dream

If you are into wildlife, a lake is your happy place. Varieties of fish and other aquatic animals abound. For birders, the lake is your best chance to observe unique species. Beavers, deer, snakes, turtles, eagles … The list is nearly endless. Make a list and see how many you can find – a great educational activity with the kids and grandkids.

The lakes are calling …


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