Wahlburgers Flint Great Food, a Few Laughs & Lots of Love


Wahlburgers, a Boston-based chain restaurant, opened its doors in Flint Township in June. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, hungry customers lined up to get a taste of the food and possibly catch a glimpse of one of the two famous brothers on hand for the event. Owned by Paul, Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, the restaurant features fresh, ground beef signature burgers and other comfort eats, as well as a full bar. Movie memorabilia and Wahlberg family photos line the walls of the fun, casual eatery that employs over 80 people.

My City caught up with Chef Paul Wahlburg to talk about the restaurant and why they chose Flint for a new location.

MCM: Tell us about your family’s inspiration for Wahlburgers.

PW: Right around the time I had opened (waterfront restaurant) Alma Nove in Hingham, MA, some partners and I were discussing how much I love to eat hamburgers. It almost became a joke, because I just started eating burgers all the time. And then, we turned this funny joke into a reality and decided to open a Wahlburgers right across from Alma Nove. The rest is history.

MCM: How would you describe Wahlburgers?

PW: A great burger joint!

MCM: How is the menu developed?

PW: To me, it’s all about figuring out what best serves our guest, because that’s really the only thing that matters.

MCM: What are the most popular menu items served at the Flint Wahlburgers?

PW: Our signature burger – the Our Burger – loaded tots, and everybody loves our chili.

MCM: Why was Flint selected as a restaurant location?

PW: We had really been looking forward to this opening for a while. When deciding where we should open next in Michigan, our franchisee Nino, and my brother Mark both felt really strongly about coming to Flint. We could not be more thrilled to be a part of this community.

MCM: What experience can Flint diners expect to have at Wahlburgers?

PW: We want our guests to know that we care and that we realize they are making time in their day to come dine with us, so we want to give them the best possible experience.

MCM: Why is becoming involved in the community important to you? What will you be doing in the Flint area?

PW: Being part of every community we’re in is incredibly important to us. You will see our support throughout the Flint area at charity events, team events – if there is a need from the community and we can make it work, we always try to be there.

MCM: Any exciting plans in the works?

PW: We are always working on bringing new and exciting ideas to the bar, to the table and to the overall dining experience.

Q: What makes your food and dining experience special?

PW: The love, the care and the passion that all of our team members put into the Wahlburgers experience from the minute you walk in the door to the second you leave. We like to say we “Go Wahl Out” for our guests!

Both Mark and Paul Wahlburg were in Flint for the June ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Genesee Valley location.

Photos Courtesy of Wahlburgers


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