The Sound of a Train


“Trains are wonderful…
To travel by train is to see
nature and human beings, towns and churches and
rivers, in fact, to see life.”
~Agatha Christie


When I was assigned to write the story about the Huckleberry Railroad, I was very excited. My daughter Melissa and grandson Elijah tagged along with me, and they spent the beautiful summer day walking around Crossroads Village, enjoying the many 19th-century historical structures and a carousel ride.

But the best part of the day was watching how happy Elijah was on his very first train ride, sitting in the caboose up high in the cupola. The conductors were so friendly, making sure he was having a good time. We enjoyed watching Conductor Lewie Young on the microphone sharing interesting tidbits with passengers about the history of Huckleberry Railroad.

Growing up in rural western Maryland, hearing the sound of a train was a daily experience. Railroad tracks were located directly across the road from our house. The rumble of the train, the forlorn sound of the whistle, the hissing and screeching of the brakes always brings back memories of my childhood days. Many telephone conversations were interrupted by the sound of a train. We would have to stop talking and wait for it to pass. And, many trains passed by every day!

My sister and I would often walk the railroad tracks to go into town and watch our brothers play baseball. We also rode our horses on a trail near the tracks.

Have you ever traveled by train? It’s a very peaceful mode of transportation. When I was living and working in Washington D.C. I would often take the train to go home and visit my parents. After a hectic week in the city and sitting in traffic jams on the Beltway, a train ride was the perfect way to unwind. Not only was it peaceful, the scenery was also spectacular.

The scenery along our Huckleberry Railroad train ride was beautiful, as well. The 40-minute journey took us along the shores of Mott Lake, down a stretch of the historic Pere Marquette roadbed and back into the heart of Crossroads Village.

Crossroads Village Huckleberry Railroad has an upcoming event this month that you won’t want to miss: Day Out With Thomas™. “Thomas the Tank Engine” will roll into town August 19-20 and 26-28. The event has attracted hundreds of families for many years. The railway series Thomas & Friends was written by a father who loved trains and wanted to share the experience with his son. Everyone loves Thomas! Young and old alike will enjoy this popular event.

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