The Kuhnian Philosophy of Science Comes to Sloan Longway


Are you interested in science and philosophy? Join others for some deep thinking at the Longway Planetarium for an introduction to the Kuhnian Philosophy of Science. Thomas Samuel Kuhn is one of the most influential philosophers of science of the twentieth century. His contributions marked a break with several key doctrines and ushered in a new style of philosophy that better mirrored the history of science. His account held that science enjoys periods of stable growth punctuated by revisionary revolutions.

In 1962, he published his most celebrated work, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”. In it, he posited his controversial “Incommensurabilty Thesis” and coined the much-used term, “Paradigm Shift”. Kuhn goes on to claim that the existence of revolutionary science calls into question, whether or not science can be considered a cumulative endeavor.

The talk featured at Longway Planetarium will outline Kuhn’s arguments for his ideas and will invited attendees to consider where they stand on Kuhn’s philosophies. The talk will take place from 6-6:45pm at Longway Planetarium on Friday, March 6.


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