Meet Bubbles! The 2022 Spectacular Out of This World Pet Search Winner


All of the Pet Search Nominees are stellar in their own right, but we chose to share the story of Bubbles and his special mission. Congratulations, Bubbles!

Bubbles “The Blind Beagle” Dinsmoore of Otisville was born with genetic defects which caused him to lose his eyes this summer … but he hasn’t let it slow him down! He recovered and has adapted to his disability with the help of his parents Stacie and Brent, and Nugget – his fur sibling and seeing-eye Beagle. He now travels around the state with his Jeep, using his huge personality and charm to advocate for those facing physical challenges.

“He may not see the world, but the world sees him shine wherever he goes!” says his mom, Stacie.

Throughout October – National Bullying Prevention Month – Stacie and Bubbles will load up his Jeep and roll up to many area elementary schools to visit with students. “We hope to visit a school every day in October to advocate for those with disabilities and teach children to have empathy and compassion for those who are unlike them.”

Bubbles always has a big smile as he rides in his remote-control Jeep visiting the classrooms. “He is a perfect example for kids to learn that even if you have a disability, you can live a happy, normal life,” Stacie says. “Bubbles’ lesson for them is that if you can have compassion for other people, the world will be a much better place.”

If you’d like to invite Bubbles for a school visit during National Bullying Prevention Month, visit his Facebook page:

Honorable Mentions

One thing is for sure, their owners think these superstars are the best pups on the planet!

Nona Rattle Doo
Owner: Jessica Revoldt
Nona is a red-nose princess who sleeps under a 25lb weighted blanket. She loves people and gets a massive case of wiggle-butt for visitors. She loves food, digging ankle-twisting holes in the yard and napping. Dislikes include groundhogs in her yard, ear ointment and nail trims.

Registered Name: Jacknic’s Matty on Cloud Nine
Owner: Cheryl Ashford
Our Standard Poodle Matty is a farm dog, Dog Scout and American Kennel Club S.T.A.R. Puppy program graduate: this stands for Socialization, Training, Activity, and a Responsible owner – the pillars of good puppy ownership. He is a very happy boy!


Owner: Sheri Cormier
We purchased Annie from a breeder who advertised the puppies as YorkiePoos, only to find out later she is more Chihuahua than anything else (Chi-York-Poo). Haha! But we sure do love her, just the same.

Owner: Megan Kennedy
We adopted Fynn five years ago from Humane Society of Genesee County and our family has been complete ever since. It was love at first sight! We knew Fynn was “the one” when we first met her, because she crawled into my lap and rested her face on my shoulder. She has legs that aren’t fully developed; our vet believes that she was just born that way. During her first year with us, she received training and therapy to strengthen her back legs. Today, she’s better than ever! Most people wouldn’t even know that she has a disability. She loves to run in the backyard and sun herself on the patio. Her “bad legs” don’t stop her from living her best life. We adore Fynn and are so thankful that we had the opportunity to adopt this very special girl.

Radar Smith-Lynch
Owner: Mindy Smith
My name is Ser Radar Sirius Cornell Smith-Lynch. I am a five-year-old goodest boy. Me and my sister are always trying to do “tough wolf stuff” but my mama likes to dress us up. When I see the costume bag, I usually run for the hills! But this time, she caught me. I do feel kind of cool in my vest … but don’t tell her I told you that.


Owner: Keri Kostich
Our 2 ½-year-old Newfoundland LOVES boat rides and swimming! And of course, he looks super-handsome in any costume!

Shugga Bear

Owner: Jashell Mitchell
This beautiful, 7-month-old Maltipoo loves to play with her stuffed animal and chew toys. She is very smart, attentive and active. She loves her family very much and likes to take trips in the car and ride “shotgun” in our laps.


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