Genesys Receives Medication Compounding Certification from TJC


Genesys was the nation’s first hospital and pharmacy to receive the new Medication Compounding Certification from The Joint Commission (TJC). This newly created certification assures safe IV medication for patients and follows national standards for sterile compounding. Back in February when the survey occurred, TJC surveyors reported that the Genesys Pharmacy set the bar very high for the rest of pharmacies nationwide. Being chosen first and meeting TJC expectations is a great point of pride for the Genesys pharmacy team who has worked diligently for the past several years to assure the best sterile medication compounding practices are followed.

Genesys pharmacy team proudly accepted an official, framed accreditation certificate from TJC Director of Business Development; Patrick Phelan.
(L-R) Suzanne Carlson, Joy Finkenbiner, Kathleen Sheehy, Alesia Thompson, Marc Guzzardo, Patrick Phelan (TJC), Jason Williamson, Claire Daidone, James Taylor, Renee Emmerling, Bruce Lange


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