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Dear Readers,

It’s a word that’s top-of-mind these days: addiction. Beyond the opioid crisis in our country, which we have covered in previous issues of Wellness, there are many Americans struggling with other addictions that aren’t as widely publicized – hidden addictions, if you will. In this issue, we explore several addictive behaviors, how they affect our body and brain, and how they can be treated.

Some people become addicted to exercise, but most of us strive to commit to a fitness regime that works with our busy lifestyles. Of course, the gyms are now full of people who made a New Year’s resolution to improve their fitness, but it’s no secret that this is one of the hardest resolutions to keep. Powerhouse Gym Owner (and super-fit guy), Kevin Law, offers some tips for becoming engaged with your health and succeeding with your fitness resolution. If you’re in that boat, I wish you the best!

At this time of year, many people struggle with seasonal depression – we all need a little sunshine! While we may feel grumpy and depressed during the gray winter months, more serious conditions are associated with a low level of vitamin D – “The Sunshine Vitamin.” It’s estimated that about a billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient. Read about vitamin D, what deficiency means, its symptoms and treatment.

We like to share the very latest health news and this month, my friend James Culver, MD offers an interesting article on a breakthrough treatment for depression: intravenous ketamine. It is reported that 17 million Americans suffer from depression and this anesthetic, in use since the ‘70s, is showing great promise for many who have found no relief with oral medication. And another piece by a local physician, Sundar Ramanathan, MD, informs us about a common condition, kidney stones. He was chosen Best Nephrologist by our readers in the 2018 My City Wellness Awards and is also profiled, along with other award winners. Our thanks to all the local health professionals who contributed articles to this issue: Michael Kia, DO; Bobby Mukkamala, MD; Prabha Raju, DDS and John A. Waters, MD.

You’re bombarded every day by health info from many sources, and we appreciate you spending some time with Wellness. Enjoy and be well!


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