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Interiors by Bonnie was established in 1976 by former art teacher (current Fenton Township Supervisor), Bonnie Mathis. For over 40 years, she has helped her clients enhance their lives by interpreting their design visions. Her family business includes daughters Dawn (left) and Debra, who shared some thoughts with us about interior design trends.

What is a décor feature that makes immediate impact?

DAWN: Artwork definitely makes the biggest immediate impact. Though it can be a challenge to find, it will add more to a room than any other single piece. The impact can be dramatic or extremely subtle, depending on the design scheme. When color is needed, artwork can be outstanding, yet on a small scale, it can take design to a whole new level.

DEBRA: Adding greenery to any room creates texture, shape and color. It also brings a natural element to the space and adds that “pop” of color, without taking away from the design. Greenery adds life to the room giving us that sense of nature we all are missing in our day-to-day lives.

What is a design “trend” that never goes out of style?

DEBRA: Wallpaper, wallpaper and wallpaper! I cannot emphasize this enough! Whether it’s a dining room wall, a half-bath or a focal wall behind your bed, it enhances the space and grabs your interest. With the ease of strippable wallpapers and using it in small doses, our clients are always impressed at the impact it has on their space.

DAWN: Window treatments have changed dramatically in the past years, becoming more minimal and tailored. By simplifying window treatments, you can embellish with details. Textures and patterns can complement beautiful hardware and connect all other aspects of the room. When done properly, they will enhance and frame any window with an outstanding view.

What is your favorite current design trend?

DAWN: Organic patterns and textures are becoming a necessity in our interiors, due to the structure of our lives. They have a flow that creates earthy shapes and exudes warmth. Natural elements have enveloped designs found in wallpaper, fabrics and furniture. With woods, metals, stone and natural fabrics, you can develop a soft, organic design.

DEBRA: Warm whites and gray neutrals are still a favorite of mine, when paired with pops of color to create interest. These tones have dominated design and took over where beige left off. Neutral bases are so versatile, although I love working with color in all its forms. This is what makes design so personal – trends are only the beginning and every home is unique.

To Trend or Not to Trend

When spring arrives, we look forward to starting improvement projects both indoors and out. For some, refreshing our living spaces is a constant outlet for creative expression. Here are a few currently trending interior design elements to consider if you plan to update your décor this spring.

  1. The 70s Are Back! Shaggy, shiny and geometric – if you really dug that decade, you can have some fun with trendy accessories.
  2. Clear acrylic pieces can create instant interest – Look for curved shapes and crushed velvet to soften the look of chrome structures. Bright orange that has coral undertones is a trending accent color.
  3. Make it Pop with Yellow – Design experts say the energizing effect of bold yellow is super-popular with Generation Z. Bring it into your scheme with a couple of toss pillows.
  4. Mural Wallpaper – This creates instant wow-factor and many are made of peel-and-stick vinyl for easy application.
  5. Iridescence – Items with an iridescent finish add luster and shimmer to everyday life.

Happy Decorating!

Photo by Kayce McClure


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