Autumn Exercise List


Just because the air is a little cooler doesn’t mean you can’t start or continue your outdoor exercise. This time of the year offers great outdoor visuals and the air holds less humidity. Hey, you may perform your best in this weather. There’s only one way to find out. Get outside and be active while you still can (without eight layers of clothing).

Have some fun and get healthy with these autumn workout opportunities:

1. Take a Hike!

Enjoy the great, Michigan autumn scenery on trails in your local forests. Genesee County and the surrounding area is lush with beautiful lakes and paths. Take a weekend day and walk a few miles with friends or family.

2. Take a Bike!

Oil up the chain and put air in them tires – it’s time to ride. Bike paths crisscross the county and are all accessible. Don’t forget to take in the view while pedaling. Ride your way to winter!

3. Make a Racket!

Put on a light jacket and try your hand on the tennis court. Fall is a great time for the sport as the sun is less intense this time of year. Maybe hold a tournament amongst friends.

4. Golf on Foot.

Time on the links gets a little more affordable this time of year, especially if you forego the cart. Depending on the size of the course, golfing on foot burns about 900 calories on average. If standard golf isn’t your thing or is too expensive, then why not give disc golf a shot? Genesee and Holly have great courses and they’re free to play.

5. Stretch it Out.

Become an outdoor yoga master. Hone your mind and connect with nature. Be like the leaf and just drift.

6. Garden for the Future.

Winter may be on its way, but there is plenty to be done to get ready for the next season. Raking, mulching, seed-spreading and bulb-planting all need to be done. Exercise and work outside for some future beauty.

7. Join a Fitness Society.

Find an outdoor exercise group for runners, bikers or sports enthusiasts. It’s easier to be active when you have someone to be active with. Group exercise activities can encourage a person to work much harder than they would alone and create an obligation that must be kept.

8. Get Ready for Winter.

Think about and research ways to remain active during the cold months ahead. Invest in the proper attire and tools to keep your body going. Gyms may be opening up soon and there could be membership deals ahead.

Stay active and stay healthy this fall!



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