A Feeling of Safety The Genatek Global GT-1OOO


In December, 2019 as the coronavirus pandemic ravaged China and Eastern Europe, Genatek Global President, John Cooper, had a prescient idea. “We looked at the pandemic while it was overseas and realized that the United States would be in the same predicament,” says Cooper. “We paid attention to travel and shipping and we saw the trend, so we started to engineer a device to help with sanitation and disinfection.” The result was the Genatek Global GT-1000 – an 8-foot by 4-foot enclosed unit developed to keep the population safe from contagious disease. Built to follow CDC COVID-19 guidelines, the unit features a temperature and mask recognition scanner, hand sanitizer dispenser and a sanitizing micro-mist. “When a person voluntarily enters the unit, they first undergo a non-contact temperature scan and then, a facial recognition scan to check for a mask and our software is 99.8% accurate,” informs Cooper. “The person can dispense hand sanitizer and then move forward into the next enclosure to be disinfected by our micro-mist solution.”

The micro-mist solution is a naturally-occurring, water-soluble, chlorine-based product that is safe for human consumption. “We use hypochlorous acid and it sounds scary, but it is chemical-free and naturally produced by the body. The same solution is used in grocery stores to sanitize food products,” adds Cooper. “The mist is human-safe. It won’t soak your hair or clothes and it won’t affect makeup.” The FDA approved micro-mist solution kills 99% of all pathogens.

The company decided to design the GT-1000 as a walk-through booth to help businesses such as restaurants and others to stay open and sickness-free. The first fully-functioning unit was recently installed at The Fireplace Bar & Grill in Fenton and the reception from restaurant staff and patrons has been extremely positive thus far. “It makes them feel safe and they appreciate that,” says Cooper. “We wanted to create a feeling of safety and normalcy, and 90% of people love it.”

In fact, the GT-1000 has been such a hit that Genatek Global is expanding its product line to include applications for use on buses, in schools and nursing homes. The GT-100 is the newest model built to provide sanitization and disinfection for mass transit. “We’ve been working as quickly as possible to try to stay in front of this virus,” adds Cooper. “We are beginning mass production of the GT-1000 unit and are looking to produce around 200 units per day here in Fenton.” The company has also opened offices in Canada and Mexico with eyes toward Spain and the United Kingdom. “We want to help wherever it is needed,” says Cooper. “Mexico City and cities in Canada are still dealing with high levels of infection.”

According to Cooper, inquiries for specs and purchasing can be made at Genatekglobal.com or by calling 810.287.7326. “We will respond to you in less than 24 hours and we warranty our product 100%,” says Cooper. “Anyone who has a unit installed will get my personal cell number. We will be there and if anything is needed, it will be there in 24 hours.” Genatek Global will install and provide the initial set-up of the GT-1000. Owners will receive a login on the Genatek website that will unlock detailed videos and training. And in order to keep things running smoothly, solution can be bought in bulk and automatic weekly deliveries can be programmed.

“This is not a ‘COVID-19-only’ machine – we hope to also eliminate or diminish the threat of the common cold, flu, foot and mouth disease and other contagions,” says Cooper. “Our machines are about prevention. We want to help things feel better than normal.”


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