Today is National Spaghetti Day!


There’s nothing more soothing to the soul on a bone-chilling, cold winter day than digging in to a steaming plate of spaghetti covered with rich, satisfying meat sauce and freshly grated parmesan cheese. And, if you are a pasta lover, today is one for you to celebrate as January 4 is National Spaghetti Day!

The history of spaghetti can be traced all the way back to the 1st century. It is believed that pasta was invented in Asia thousands of years ago and made it to Italy during the Arabian conquest of Sicily in the 8th century. Pasta would become a popular commodity among the poor and would be experimented by cooks in Italy for generations. in the 18th century, Thomas Jefferson would popularize macaroni in the United States. But it was Italian immigrants during the 18th and 19th centuries that brought spaghetti to this country. Today, spaghetti is a popular dish and is enjoyed by millions of people every day.

No one really knows how National Spaghetti Day came about, but on this day, people all around the world celebrate this unofficial holiday by feeding their families their favorite spaghetti dish. You can also celebrate by making your own spaghetti noodles, from scratch. Of course, you can always observe National Spaghetti Day by visiting one of the many fine Italian restaurants in the Greater Flint area.


Some Facts About Spaghetti

  • Spaghetti is an Italian word which means twine.
  • Parmesan is the most popular spaghetti topping.
  • Marco Polo did not discover spaghetti.
  • The average American eats 15.5 pounds of pasta a year.
  • Almost 2 million tons of pasta are made each year in the United States.
  • The ballad “On Top of Spaghetti” was released in 1962.
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