Time for a Getaway!


Michigan has some of the most beautiful places for a warm, summer getaway. The weather allows you to not only dress in fewer layers, but also pack for a trip in a more efficient way. Every so often, we all need time to unwind, de-stress and just take time to enjoy the beautiful scenery in or out of town.
Your wardrobe should not add stress to your summer travel prep. Assembling a few or all of the following staple pieces will help make your getaway much easier.

1. The Versatile Jacket

A summer jacket should be one that is your go-to for those cool nights. Denim is timeless and can carry you into the next season. When choosing a jacket for your getaway bag, be sure it’s a style that can take you from day to night. Also, be sure that the color will compliment your summer wardrobe palette.


2. The Lightweight Wrap or Scarf

Large scarves or wraps not only look good in your photos while blowing in the wind, they are also quite functional. You can use a large scarf on your hair, as a cover-up for swimwear, or even tie it as a dress. Grab an iced tea and take a look at Pinterest for the endless ways you can wear a large scarf in the summer.


3. The Tote Bag

This is a key getaway item. The oversize design allows you to throw in just about anything you’ll need for your family while in transit to your destination. When choosing a tote, be sure to consider what you will carry in it. This will help you to determine the shape and fabric that is suitable for your lifestyle and planned activities.


4. The Long, Knit Dress

You can never go wrong with this wardrobe staple. The options are endless with patterns, colors and price ranges. This style of dress can flatter any body shape or size. They also make great beach cover-ups or even a great look for date night.

Last, but not least …STYLE-9193

5. Be Your Own Instagram Model!

You don’t have to have one million followers or walk in New York Fashion Week to model your outfits. Channel your inner “Next Top Model” and pose for the camera during your weekend getaway. Live a little! Once you take all of those amazing photos, you can upload them to Groovebook (an amazing app to print photos) and print them as a keepsake.

Go! Go plan your weekend getaway and always consider your summer wardrobe as an investment. Once you invest in the most basic and key items in your closet, you’ll always be in style!

Photography by Jennifer Hodney


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