The Luca’s Experience



At Luca’s Chophouse, it’s all about the guests. Hospitality is the backbone of the Luca’s culture and it begins with one simple core philosophy, says Co-owner, Nik Gjonah. That belief is The House Belongs to God and Guest. And many area residents enjoy the hospitality and good food at this popular Grand Blanc eatery. Nik co-owns the restaurant with his father Luca and brother, Steve. The family takes pride in serving the freshest food and natural beef to their patrons who they consider “part of the family.” “We go the extra mile to provide our guests with the best we can offer,” says Nik. “Our guests have become our friends.” For many, Luca’s has become a well-known destination for a romantic dinner. “So many couples have gotten engaged here!” Nik exclaimed.

lucas-2The restaurant’s décor lends to a certain level of sophistication that is at the same time simple and elegant. Serving what is described as a blend of Continental Cuisine with Traditional American favorites, the chefs at Luca’s Chophouse prepare many inventive dishes. One of the more popular entrees is Shrimp Luca, which is lightly breaded shrimp that is flash-fried and finished with a creamy, lemon garlic sauce. But they are best known for the meat on the menu – the finest cuts of all natural beef, pork and lamb aged to perfection. Led by Chef Kevin Richmond, a talented team of chefs flawlessly executes each creation. “We are praised for and receive many compliments on the quality of our steaks,” boasts Nik, “and we really like to let our creative juices flow here.”

Even with its upscale ambiance, Luca’s is known for providing a cost-friendly fine-dining experience. Nik says the chophouse has the county’s best and most extensive wine list, and that they take pride in their nightly dinner specials. Lunch specials are also offered at an affordable $10-$12 and during Happy Hour, drinks start at $2 with a bar menu starting at $5. Luca’s is open for Sunday Brunch featuring special dishes such as lamb and eggs, honey-nut chicken waffles, three varieties of Eggs Benedict, traditional Canadian Bacon and eggs, and breakfast flatbreads. Pastry Chef Arnold creates all the scrumptious desserts, including the all-time customer favorite, Crème Brulee.

What is most important to the Gjonah family is their place in the foundation of the community that so loyally supports Luca’s. “The level of support we have received over the years has opened our eyes,” says Nik. “We are not just a business; we celebrate with our community.”



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