The Electro Art Works Radio Hour Episode One: Attack of the Andybots!


Robots! Ray Guns! Rockets and Rads! Get ready for the Electro Art Works Radio Hour featuring guest artist Andy Hill and his creations! In the first episode, our hero begins his quest to eliminate evil across the galaxy. Can his army of robots defend Earth against the Martian Army? How can he hope to triumph over astronomical odds? And, how will he find time to walk his robo-dog companion, Brass Bruno? Find the answers to these and other questions in The Electro Art Works Radio Hour Episode One: “Attack of the Andybots!”

Our story begins nearly 40 years ago …


From “Buck Rogers” to “Forbidden Planet” and beyond, Andy Hill has always had a fascination for the pulp science fiction stories and movies of the 1950s and 60s. “I love all of it,” Hill states. “I’m attracted to the design and aesthetics of the era. None of it had to make sense and that made it fun. It was stuff I wished I had when I was a kid.” For Hill, if the plot featured a ray gun, a spaceship and a bit of low-budget production cheesiness, he was up for it (especially if it featured a robot or two.) So, while working as a mild-mannered Comcast cable technician, Hill began to envision every throw-away part or extra component as a specialized part of a sophisticated, futuristic robot with a will all its own. Soon, he began to assemble these automatons in his free time to the delight of his co-workers. The Andybots were born.

“I started to make simple robots from discarded parts that we would usually throw out,” he explains. “I used to keep them at my desk and a few of my co-workers offered to purchase some of them. That’s how it all started.” For four decades, Hill has been building his Andybots and has sold almost every one to buyers across the United States and as far away as France, Brazil, England and Russia.

“None of it had to make sense and that made it fun. It was stuff I wished I had when I was a kid.”

Every Andybot is unique with its very own name, backstory and artistic traveling box. “At first I didn’t name them,” Hill adds. “Their production and stories have evolved over time.” Their components vary depending upon what Hill finds, and often consist of discarded electronic parts, scraps of metal and appliances. “I enjoy taking things apart like old typewriters, VCRs or computers,” he explains. “Sometimes, I see something that resembles, in my mind, an important part and build around it. More rarely, I come up with a concept and look for parts to fit. That is much more challenging.”


Hill creates a large variety of robotic wonders. 1) Blue Head 2 of the robot head series. 2) Relephant, the red space elephant. 3) Hill’s first Andybot concept piece entitled “the line up” is his most favorite. “I wish i still had it with me,” he says. 4) Hops – made and designed as an homage to a robotic bunny Hill saw on “the muppet show” a long time ago. 5) The robo-rooster was a commission for a customer in australia. 6) Mable x is the future of home healthcare. She’ll bring your tea, sort your pills, and won’t be sassy at all about it! 7) The trilithium arc ray gun is the perfect weapon for space cowboys to settle any “cosmic” disagreements. 8) Marshal Rust is always there to save the day. 9) Saucerbot 40 is one of the newest models to fly out of the Electro Art Workshop. 10) Pictured are the Evil Zombiebot 11) The cute and friendly Brass Bruno 12) Rocketbot 4, part of the noble rocket fleet.

As his hobby developed, Hill began to build other science fiction staples. One of his most successful (only two left!) is his line of ray guns – each with a name and registered atomizing power. “Ray guns are a different animal and at first I didn’t have any idea how to build one,” he states. “It’s something I always wanted to do.” Disclaimer: All ray guns have been deactivated and power cells drained to avoid any unfortunate accidents. See website for details.

Electro Art Works also creates Saucerbots (constructed from computer hard drives and CDs), Rocketbots (mostly made from discarded hairspray canisters), robotic animals (including dogs, cats, rabbits, roosters and others) and Robot Heads. Hill will also, from time to time, use his skills to build non-science fiction pieces such as water towers, “electro-fish” and others.

Hill cherishes each and every creation equally and takes pride in making sure they find good homes. “I’m retired and this is all I do now,” he smiles, “and new ideas come to me every day. My favorite piece is always the next one.”

Hill works on a brand new bot in his home workshop.

If you are interested in what pieces Hill offers for purchase, visit the Electro Art Works Facebook and Instagram pages for his most up-to-date and available creations, or visit Art at the Market at the Flint Farmers’ Market where Hill displays his works. For online price and availability inquiries, please email To view past Andybots and other creations and learn their stories, visit

That concludes this episode of the Electro Art Works Radio Hour featuring Andy Hill! Will Earth survive? Can our hero find the support he needs to triumph over the Martian invaders? Will you join the fight? Will our hero wear a cool helmet? Find out next time in Episode Two: “Rockets Away!”






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