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Who would have ever guessed that you can pet a shark, hand-feed a ring-tailed lemur or touch a stingray … in Tyrone Township? You can do all of the above and more at Supe’s Exotic Jungle – a small, interactive zoo that offers onsite tours, parties, and an unforgettable experience.

After previously doing traveling animal shows at various locations, co-founders Brent Barrick and Shannon Barrick opened the doors to Supe’s Exotic Jungle in 2014. Having found the perfect location in Tyrone Township, their dream of opening the zoo became a reality. The Barricks are grateful for all of the consideration they have been given by the township. “They are awesome in helping us make this happen,” says Shannon.

“It’s a labor of love,” says Brent, adding that he and Shannon have been animal lovers since they were kids. “Shannon grew up catching frogs up north and I was busy catching toads in Detroit,” he says with a smile. Brent brings with him years of experience working in the education department at the Detroit Zoo and he loves sharing his excitement and love of animals. Shannon brings her charismatic personality and animal-handling skills.

At Supe’s, you can get up-close and personal with 37 different animal species while enjoying an educational experience. “We try to get people to connect with a variety of animals,” says Brent. “Our primary goal is education. We help get people to appreciate animals they might have been scared of and teach people respect for all animals.”

There is so much to discover at this unique zoo facility – a pond for stingrays and in the Ocean Room, you can pet a shark! In the Jungle Room you get to pet, feed and hold a variety of animals. The Reptile Room houses a number of reptiles and amphibians. Behind the barn, there are five acres of open space. “It is a peaceful environment for both the visitors and the animals,” Shannon states.

Among the many animals at Supe’s Exotic Jungle is Nyah the ring-tailed lemur, an endangered primate from Madagascar. There are two other lemurs, twin boys who are adorable and “always growling at each other.” Come say hi to Harry the emu, Keira the red fox, Ally the alligator and her buddy Franklin, and to Oliver the wallaby. Ruby, a red-tailed boa constrictor is a fan favorite. You can also get up close and personal with an African porcupine and have a conversation with their parrot. “She loves attention,” says Shannon.

Supe’s is open from the first day of spring until the last day of November. Traveling shows are offered year-round, as well as a private, two-hour interactive experience for up to ten people.

One satisfied visitor to Supe’s Exotic Jungle wrote this on Facebook: “This was one of the ‘funnest’ days ever with my kids and grandkids. We held snakes and an alligator and so much more. We were surrounded by birds eating from our hand. My family will be back again. This is an amazing experience.”

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