Reuben Guerra Benefit at The Jewel of Grand Blanc this Weekend


On Saturday, March 7, from 6 to 10pm the Reuben Guerra Benefit to Fight Cancer will take place at The Jewel of Grand Blanc Country Club. The benefit asks for a minimum donation of $10 per person.

In July 2016, Reuben Guerra was diagnosed with stage IV Kidney Cancer and underwent surgery to have his left kidney removed and at that point in time the cancer had not spread. In May 2019 the cancer aggressively came back and spread to his bones, attacking his femurs. Reuben underwent a full hip replacement on his left side and had a rod placed from his kneecap to the top of his hip for stabilization. The surgeries have taken place for the majority of last year and now Reuben is undergoing immunotherapy to slow down tumor growth.

Reuben is a Nuclear Field Engineer and has been out of work since the second diagnosis. This benefit is in support of Reuben and his family as they cope with the disease and extremely high medical bills. Entertainment at the benefit will be provided by Old Days: A Chicago Tribute band led by members of Reuben’s family, Deb Seekings and Kori Jay Roberts of Soul’d Out.

Please consider helping a family in need this weekend.

Photo from The Jewel of Grand Blanc Country Club



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