“From the Publisher” January 2017


“From The Publisher” … my little space for addressing readers each month and offering a message – should you choose to read it. I’ve written hundreds of them during my 20+ years in the magazine business. I always feel a little pressure to be eloquent – particularly considering the level of writing you find in the subsequent pages of My City. I’m more comfortable with a balance sheet – but I do love a challenge. I often feel nostalgic at this time of year, so as homage to my 9th grade English teacher, I’ll rely on a liberal use of adjectives as I mention some of the compelling content in this first issue of 2017. Two words I can always use are “engaging” and “entertaining.” And, our loyal readers agree.

“Loyal” is a quality adjective; the subjects of our “My Downtown” feature are loyal Flint supporters living the true Downtown life, experiencing all that makes the city great. These professionals are contributing to the community and enthusiastic about its future – a little enthusiasm can go a long way.

In the “My Community” piece is a couple I would describe as inspiring and committed – Glenn and Essence Wilson. And in the “My Outreach” and “My Story” pieces are two women who are dedicated to helping people; we never have to look far to find examples of goodness.

The word “good” doesn’t quite describe our “My Sport” subject. My friend, Troy Lamson, is an MMA fighter who I would call intense, driven and disciplined.

At the other end of the spectrum in the “My Arts” feature – we talked with Flint Institute of Arts Executive Director, John Henry and his wife, Janice, who are immersed in the local arts scene and avid collectors. Our lives are greatly enriched by art, and Flint has abundant opportunities for everyone to share. The “My Passion” piece profiles a group of local actors who are dedicated to their craft, and we also offer an appealing collection of works by local authors you might want to add to your winter reading list. And, our talented contributors never disappoint; we are so grateful for their participation in our publication.

Finally, we have some New Year’s resolutions from a diverse group of story subjects and MCM staff – did you make one? I’m feeling particularly optimistic about 2017, and I resolve to continue giving back to the city that has given me and my family so much.

Cheers to a healthy and prosperous New Year!


vince3 Vince Lorraine, Publisher & Editor in Chief vince@mycitymag.com




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