“Old School” is Cool



Snippers is a small-town barbershop that caters to men, women, teens and children. And everybody in the little town of Linden knows Rich the Barber! “That’s my middle name – ‘The,’” he laughs. Rich Marshbanks is the owner of Snippers, located at 240 W. Bridge Street in Linden’s historic district, and he has been cutting hair for over four decades. He opened the four-chair shop, which is small and quaint, with a red and white barber pole outside, in 1985. “Shops like this one are becoming obsolete,” says Rich. And life is simple at Snippers. “We don’t do perms or colors,” says Rich, “But we give a good haircut.” And that’s what keeps his customers coming back time and time again.

Rich attributes the success of his business to his staff, including barbers Debbie Warth, Brenda Root, Gary Williamson, Sally Chaltraw and Larry Woody. What he loves best about his shop are the customers, and what his customers like best are the quality haircuts, although locals can always be found hanging around the shop, trading pieces of news and gossip. “I’m really thankful for the people here and the regulars,” Rich says.

Snippers is the epitome of an old-school barber shop,” says one loyal customer. “The owner has been cutting hair for over 40 years and is very pleasant to talk to. The entire staff is very friendly, as well.” Just like the old-fashioned place it is, appointments are not necessary at Snippers. “You just come in a get a haircut,” Rich laughs.

When he isn’t cutting hair, Rich loves to be outside working on his lawn or in his 1970 Oldsmobile 442, which he and his wife, Sue, take to car shows all over the state. He also enjoys supporting local scouting organizations and schools in addition to participating in the annual Linden parade and attending Linden’s abundant community events. “I want to give back to the community that has supported me all these years,” Rich smiles. “I love the people here and I love the small-town atmosphere.”



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