Looking Back, Moving Forward


As I look back and say good-bye to the year 2021, all I can say is it was a very interesting year. Although it began in turbulence with the January 6 insurrection at our nation’s Capitol building – an unsettling experience – and ended with terrifying tornadoes in Kentucky, it brought me some good personal experiences. Here are some highlights of my 2021.

I traveled to Maryland with my daughter and grandsons to attend my 50th high school class reunion. It was great to reconnect with many old friends and reminisce about old times. I also had a chance to see and talk to some of my siblings, a first since the pandemic began. Visiting my sister, who lives in the home we grew up in, brought back many fond memories of fun summers in the mountains, horseback rides and barbecues. A trip to Maryland always includes eating steamed Maryland blue fin crabs and enjoying a cup of crab soup at Kline’s Restaurant, something I look forward to every time I visit.

Another highlight was visiting the cottage in Oscoda and watching the sunrise over Lake Huron. And golfing on the Ladies League at Fenton Farms every Thursday morning was an activity that made the year special.

Over Labor Day weekend, my daughter and I traveled to Houghton/Hancock in the U.P. to help my oldest grandson, a student at Michigan Technological University, set up his apartment. After a lot of hard work, Brennan took us on a tour of the school. We also drove up to Copper Harbor, which is well known for its rugged beauty.

The scenery there was breathtaking as the foliage was just hinting a change to fall colors. And, there is nothing more beautiful than driving along the coastline of Lake Superior on a sunny day. The view of the lake from Brockway Mountain was absolutely stunning.

In December, it was good to see the return of the holiday festivals in our area – Jinglefest in Fenton, Holiday Happening in Linden and the Dickens Festival in Holly. We took my five-year-old grandson to the Jinglefest parade, one of the biggest ever, with marching bands from both Fenton and Lake Fenton high schools. It was so much fun watching the excitement on his face as he gathered candy from the street and watched all of the floats and fire trucks pass by. A fireworks display was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

I am looking forward to 2022 – a new year and new experiences. My grandson Mack will graduate from high school this year and leave home to serve our country as a U.S. Marine. It has been and will continue to be a bittersweet experience as I watch each grandchild grow up and move on. I also look forward to writing many more stories for My City Magazine, which allows me to meet many new people and share the great things that are happening in Greater Flint.

The New Year also brings an opportunity to share a smile with someone, to lend a helping hand and maybe make a difference in someone’s life. I plan to do just that – and to enjoy each and every day!



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