Hey, You! You’re Doing a Good Job! Celebrate National Day of Encouragement September 12


What a great idea! Way to go! You can do it! You’re getting better every day!

You will make it through this.

Whether we are doing well or struggling through something, a little encouragement goes a long way and every single one of us needs it now and again – especially after last year. With all of the negativity – politics, the pandemic, the news, the world – your coworkers, friends and family could probably use a little dose of positivity. It doesn’t hurt or cost anything to give a compliment or let someone know you acknowledge their efforts and support them.

Studies have shown that positive encouragement can increase a person’s effort at a task or hobby, and can have a significant healthy impact on a person’s wellbeing. It can increase our confidence, hope, motivation and outlook on life. So, when was the last time you commented positively on someone’s efforts? When was the last time you lifted someone up and encouraged them to try again? When was the last time you thanked someone for their help and told them to “keep up the good work?” Hopefully, it hasn’t been too long.

On September 12 – heck, throughout September – make it a goal to give a word of encouragement to someone around you every day. I’ll bet you’ll see a smile every time and I’ll bet you’ll get some words of encouragement in return. It’s easy. You can do it.

So, keep going. You’re on the right path. That problem you have (yes, that one), you’ll figure it out. You’ll turn it around and if not, you can handle it. I have faith in you to conquer anything you set your mind to.

We will all get there; we just have to keep moving forward … with a little encouragement. ?





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