Gotta Love GRAPEFRUIT A Sunny, Refreshing Mid-Winter Taste!


Winter is officially halfway over … what better way to celebrate than by enjoying the sweet and tart, bright and citrusy flavor of grapefruit?

February is National Grapefruit Month, largely because it’s the prime of Florida grapefruit-growing season. This is the peak time to enjoy the fruit and benefit from its powerful nutrient combination.

To select the best fruit at your local store, the trick is to weigh each fruit in your palm. If it feels firm and heavy for its size, then chances are, it’s filled with juice. Nobody wants a dry grapefruit! Once you’ve purchased your perfect pamplemousses (in French), they will store for up to two weeks in the crisper of your refrigerator, giving you time to enjoy them in their pure form, or in a few new ways!

Try combining grapefruit zest, juice and honey to create a citrus glaze for your hearty winter pork chop recipe. Or, for cocktail lovers, add a grapefruit twist instead of lemon or lime for a change, with a little honey or sugar to balance out the tartness. Grapefruit mojito, anyone?

The flavor of grapefruit also pairs well with avocado and fish, such as trout or salmon, so you can toss sections into a green salad to complete a healthy, vibrant plate. Or, if you’re a salsa lover, add it to your favorite spicy recipe for a fresh February flavor that will get you ready for spring!



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