Gifting the Groomsmen


Choosing groomsmen’s gifts can be tricky. Sure, you can go with the standard, monogrammed beer stein or flask, but the occasion calls for a bit more creativity. Think of something more, man!

Every guy who’s ever been a groomsman already has a dusty collection of steins and flasks. You may think, “guns and knives are manly – get them one of those,” but again, those items don’t really invoke a memory of a buddy’s wedding. The gentleman of the future is a more sophisticated type. He sniffs his cigars, swishes his wine and bids everyone a good night before retiring to his study to pen his next epic poem or finish that perfect symphony in “C”.

Here’s a few suggestions to help you give a gift with class:



1. Vintage Pocket Watch

Tomorrow’s man regards punctuality as being respectful. There’s something to be said about carrying a piece truly dedicated to his mastery of time.
“Pardon me, sir. Do you have the time?”
“Of course, I do. And I keep it on a chain.”


miztanya /

2. Monogrammed Leather Journal & Pen

As intellectualism returns center stage, a man must have record of all his greatest thoughts before they drift off into the ether. You never know who will write the next literary masterpiece, but the man of the future should be ready to do it in style.


sanneberg /

3. Extremely Snazzy Hat

Whether it be a Bowler, Trilby or classic Fedora, a man should exude supreme confidence and a classic hat works best. When a man in a hat enters a room, there is never a doubt that he is practiced at fisticuffs, can work a great heist or solve any mystery.



4. Debonair Grooming Kit

The resourceful man is ready for seduction in any location. Kept in a svelte travel bag, this kit may include: a fine comb, brush, a heady cologne, a nice set of clippers/scissors, moustache wax or beard oil and emergency shaving products. Bonus Item: A monogrammed straight razor.


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5. Personalized Chess Set

Engage in a mental standoff for the ages. A man should be up to the challenge when adversaries come calling to engage in a battle of wills over a snifter of brandy and a fine cigar. A gift of this sort will always keep a person at least ten moves ahead. Check!


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6. Bronze or Cast-Iron Bookends

A man’s bookcase should be filled with the world’s greatest works … and they should be appropriately displayed. Keep Homer, Ovid, Virgil and the rest upright and ready to be browsed by friends and admirers. Perhaps the clue in an epic mystery is hidden in a few dusty pages. The New Age Man keeps it all organized with style.



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