Get A Cup of Joe at Halo Burger in January


Beginning this week, coffee prices will fluctuate at Halo Burger, Monday through Friday, to reflect that day’s high temperature for Flint listed on For example, if the daily high is 33 degrees Fahrenheit, a cup of regular-sized coffee will be 33 cents.

The idea originated with the Thomas family who ran a similar promotion many years ago. “This campaign was actually born out of a customer service call,” said Olivia Ross, Director of Marketing at Halo Burger in a news release. “After spending some time talking to this guest, they informed the Thomas family used to price coffee every day according to the temperature. I immediately knew we had to bring it back.”

The deal will continue on weekdays throughout January for a limited time. Customers can check the prices on Halo Burger’s Facebook and Instagram story, or at their local restaurant. The price will fluctuate during weekdays, but will not drop below 10 cents.

Coffee is brewed fresh each morning and throughout the day at all Halo Burger restaurants. Guests can now enjoy fresh, handcrafted breakfast options after the brand rolled out AM offerings chain-wide earlier this year. 

About Halo Burger

Halo Burger founded in Flint in 1923, has been serving up Michigan’s best burger for nearly a century. Since its acquisition in 2016 by Halo Country LLC, the company has improved both employee and customer engagement including health insurance for employees working over 20 hours a week, refined all in-store amenities and created impactful community outreach initiatives.

Photo by Halo Burger

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