From the PublisherJune 2023


Dear Readers,

You hold in your hands our 10th Anniversary issue!

In my years as an entrepreneur, I have been blessed to celebrate many milestones and they are always a time for reflection. When I look back at the last decade, I’m amazed by what we have done with My City Magazine.

It’s not just about the volume of work – well over 1,400 stories and nearly 500 local “Happenings” covered – it’s also about the way MCM has been accepted by Greater Flint, the impact we have made on the community and the support we have received. We are grateful to everyone who has made it possible.

It truly has been a decade of change for Flint and we are proud to have highlighted so many of the community’s significant events in the pages of My City. We have also shared hundreds of stories about people and groups who have been dedicated to important causes and doing exceptional things without publicity or fanfare. Creating awareness of these causes and helping generate support for their efforts has been extremely gratifying. On more than one occasion, an article in this magazine has inspired someone to donate money, volunteer their time, even adopt a dog that waited two years for a home!

Integrity has always been paramount for Team My City. We believe a city magazine should be entertaining for readers as well as a respected platform for presenting information, and we have achieved that. We have shared an incredible number of inspiring stories – we created a retrospective of sorts.

This issue has plenty more to keep you entertained; find a spot outdoors and enjoy the weather while you read about Genesee County’s 2023 Top High School Athletes, this summer’s 65th Annual CANUSA Games, and The Rep’s final stage production of the season. You can discover a few personal details about Mott’s winningest coach, Steve Schmidt, or maybe learn about beekeeping and raising chickens. Talk about variety!

A Greek philosopher said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” Mother Teresa said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” With My City, I feel we have created many ripples by highlighting the positive changes that have taken place and continue to drive Greater Flint forward. That’s a reason to celebrate!

Thanks for your loyalty.


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