From the Publisher September 2021


Dear Readers,

It feels so good to say this: it’s been a happening summer in Flint!

Our photographer has been a busy guy, capturing the action and happy faces at the many events that returned this year after … well, you know. A handful of summer events are still on the calendar, and MCM will be there!

This month on Patriot Day, the nation (and the world) will observe the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack on America. Our “We Remember” section includes the story of Eric L. Bennett, the only person from the Flint area to perish in the 9/11 attacks. His mother, Betty, worked for one of my companies back in the 80s. She graciously granted us an interview and we’re proud to share the story. Also featured are personal accounts of the experience working at Ground Zero from former local firefighters, Joe Ludwig and Steve Thomson. In addition, advertisers sponsored highlights of area fire and law enforcement personnel to honor the brave first responders who answer the call every day. Where were you when you first heard of the attacks? Many people share their memories of that day.

There’s great variety in this issue! We highlight Kiaira May, the new Executive Director of Flint’s Downtown Development Authority, as well as Semaj Brown, Flint’s first Poet Laureate, talented young musician Najee Greenlee, and Zoologist, Shekinah Wagner. Complementing our Back to the Bricks coverage is a feature on the Fenton Hot Rod Association – cars, cars, and more cars!

Finally, we invited longtime Flint radio professional, Jim Baade, to write an “In Memoriam” in honor of his very good friend (and mine), Pete “Peter C” Cavanaugh. Pete passed away in mid-August after a lengthy illness. Before I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, he was a big part of my young life, giving me – an inexperienced teenager – a job in sales at WTAC radio back in the late 70s. What a wild ride! He took me to see my first rock show, The Who (at the Silverdome), my favorite band ever since. Pete was definitely born for the rock radio game. I’ve often looked back on his mentorship as a huge influence. Our friendship endured through the decades, and we rocked out together at several more concerts. Front-row for The Who in L.A. (2013) was our last, and we stayed up nearly all night reminiscing about old times in Flint radio. Peter C is a legend who touched many lives and I will miss him dearly.

Thanks for reading,


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