“From the Publisher” – September 2015


September-Runners-09-2015Dear Readers,

This summer was a blur! With that said, Mother Nature was in a good mood and gave us some incredible weather – just what we needed. August is certainly an exceptional month for Downtown Flint – if you missed anything, check out our “My Haps” section we captured the faces of hundreds of people enjoying all the cool events that are uniquely Flint.

When most people think of Flint, they think of the auto industry – you probably have friends or family who worked, or still work in auto manufacturing. Over the past century, plants in Genesee County have experienced openings, closures, re-openings, management shifts and spin-offs … even bankruptcy. But, Flint still relies on the auto industry on a much smaller level. Flint Assembly now employs nearly 3,000 people and over 7,000 work for GM county-wide. “My Day” takes a look at what a typical factory-worker’s job is like today.

Another Flint native is our “My Success” subject: Nick Khouri, Treasurer for the State of Michigan. This Kearsley High School grad earned an undergraduate economics degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (GO BLUE!) and a master’s in economics from Michigan State (I won’t hold that against you, Nick). His professional career has taken him to Washington, D.C. and back to Michigan, where he is proud to serve under Governor Rick Snyder.

I’m predicting great success for the Flint Firebirds! Flint loves hockey, I love hockey – there’s a lot of excitement in the air about our new team. They take the ice for the first time on September 26 at the new Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center. I’ll be in the stands cheering them on, and I hope to see you there. Bringing the OHL to Flint was a big deal.

Our City’s Choice Awards were also a big deal – this month’s “My Eats” subject was chosen the best place for fine dining: Da Edoardo North in Grand Blanc. It’s a beautiful place with great food and a spectacular view, and one of the hottest spots in town to meet friends on a Friday after work (I speak from experience). If you haven’t been there, give it a try – it’s the City’s Choice, after all!

If you like motorcycles as much as I do, you’ll enjoy our “My Passion” piece on Knight Cycle Works. Patrick Knight combines art and horsepower to create truly unique machines. And I know that many of you remember Smith-Bridgman’s department store; we had fun reading all the Facebook comments submitted for our “My Flashback” piece.

Of course, there is so much more great content in this issue – stories about talented, dedicated and generous people. My City does it “WRITE!” Thanks for reading.

vince3 Vince Lorraine, Publisher & Editor in Chief vince@mycitymag.com

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