From the Publisher May 2021


Dear Readers,

As I’ve often reflected on “this time last year” when I write my letter, I find myself feeling fortunate that Team My City can offer you a May issue this year! With all the world’s continued craziness, I hope your lives are beginning to return to normal – whatever that is. By definition, normal means “usual, typical or expected.” I think the definition may have changed forever … but we’ll all adapt and somehow, life will go on.

I’ve recently been told by several people that reading their monthly My City feels like something “normal” in their lives, a constant. They’ve come to expect inspiring, meaningful content we provide. An engaging variety is always our goal. When I flip through our magazines, the articles evoke a range of emotions.

Of course, we celebrate Mother’s Day in May – a day that stirs many different emotions. Our “My Outreach” article highlights Rebecca’s Reason, an organization created by a mother who lost a child and was moved to help others who are struggling with the same grief. This month, we welcome Vera Hogan, an award-winning writer with whom you may be familiar, offering “Happy Stepmother’s Day” on page 52.

Also in May, Memorial Day honors the fallen U.S. military. Vietnam War veteran, Gary Huber, was kind enough to share his experience with us for the “My Story” feature fittingly titled “May We Always Remember.”

Always with a Greater Flint focus, the balance of our content also has local connections. We highlight the Arab American Heritage Council, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. Executive Director, Devin Bathish, talks about the organization’s purpose, progress, and the many ways it supports the local Arab American community. “My Music” features Miko Marks, a woman who started singing as a little girl at Flint’s Church of God in Christ and is now an award-winning Country artist with a new album. In the “My Sports” spotlight is the State Champion Davison Wrestling team, and our singular “My Haps” spread (p. 50) has great photos from the Flint United Basketball home opener. Let’s hope it begins the return of our robust coverage of exciting events in Greater Flint.

It’s comforting to think about happier times ahead; many personal tragedies have recently befallen my family, friends and colleagues and I’ve kept them in my prayers. I hope you enjoy this issue and that better times for all of us are just around the corner.

Thanks for reading.


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