From the Publisher May 2017


Every month, Team My City collaborates, researches, plans and executes the creation of a publication of which I’m so proud – selling out consistently at Barnes & Noble is pretty exciting! When it comes to producing a visually beautiful and engaging monthly periodical, no one comes close to MCM.

My City shines a light on our great community, reaching into corners often unseen. We love all the fun stuff – food, arts, music and such – and there’s plenty of that to feature each month. But, we also feel a responsibility to cover subjects of a serious nature. Part of this month’s 12-page “My Community” section is a piece called “Paint Our Town Blue” about the campaign to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect in Greater Flint. Several local organizations are dedicated to this cause – be sure to read it. Also focused on helping Greater Flint kids is the Kiwanis Club of Flint, celebrating 100 years of giving last month.

May is National Law month, and our “My Day” subject is 7th Circuit Court Judge, the Honorable Joseph J. Farah. He’s a friend of mine and a Flint community leader.

We always get excited about new features – our latest is called “My Hero,” highlighting people suggested to MCM by Greater Flint city-zens. Check it out and feel free to submit a name for a future story at

As always, there’s so much more to enjoy in this issue. Eats: Steady Eddy’s Café in the Market (there’s an omelet there with my name on it.) Music: have you heard of Big Donut? Get a taste of this young Flint band. And, sport: I’ll bet you didn’t know that Flint’s had a rugby club for 45 years. Read about the Flint Rogues. Variety! MCM does it best, and always with great local flavor.

Local spring happenings are in full swing, and MCM is there! Our “My Haps” section – over 12 pages – has hundreds of faces from recent events, a few happened just a couple of days before we went to press. Check our “Can’t Miss List” for info about upcoming events, as well as the full calendar of Flint Cultural Center events on the home page of our website at

It’s about all things Greater Flint, and thousands of people look forward to voting for their favorites in our annual City’s Choice Awards. At this writing, over 22,000 votes had been cast with a week of voting left to go! The winners will be announced in our June issue.

See you in My City!


vince3 Vince Lorraine, Publisher & Editor in Chief




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